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Siu-Lan Choy

Siu-Lan Choy, B.Pharm, C.Ac
building mental tools that strengthen the mind and body

Sui-Lan picture

Siu-Lan has been in practice as a Certified Acupuncturist and Holistic Practitioner for 9 years. Before that, she worked 11years as a pharmacist in several major teaching hospitals in England and at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto.

Siu-Lan currently treats clients whose health issues range from physical pains, irritable bowel syndrome, respiratory disorders, hormonal challenges, insomnia, allergies, panic disorders, etc….

Her creed is: Natural, Safe, Practical. Through her special style of counselling, she teaches clients to build mental tools that work well for them… that strengthen their mind and their body.

Siu-Lan’s fascination with Muscle-Testing

The Wisdom of the body speaks in soft tones…
Sharpen your senses to its subtle language…

Throughout Siu-Lan’s career as a Holistic Practitioner and Acupuncturist, she was always fascinated by the clues that the body gives out as to what it needs for balance.

In particular she saw the importance of muscle-testing as a simple and fast tool to communicate directly with the body. For Siu-Lan, it became more useful than the centuries tried & trusted tongue diagnosis or pulse diagnosis or iridology. With her scientific, analytical mind plus her openness to explore the unexplained, Siu-Lan has fine-tuned her own unusual style of muscle-testing in which she can instill confidence into the client she is working with. She often encourages her clients to learn this method in order that they may help their own family and friends in simple ways.

She is able to use muscle-testing to find out about nutritional needs, about weaknesses in the body, about its emotional state. For people with chronic health issues, it helps to identify the pieces of the puzzle as to the journey the body has been through to explain how it is now in an imbalanced state.