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Helping people discover their inner songs.

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After walking away from a highly successful corporate career, Mark Romero chose to pursue his dream. He wanted to awaken people to their own innate potentials of success using his music as the vehicle that would help them realize their dreams. Today, Mark is positively changing the lives of those who experience his music.

Whether audiences are enjoying a keynote concert, seminar or musical performance, Mark Romero will introduce them to the living, unique “songs of the soul” we all carry within ourselves.

Mark notes that Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.” Fortunately through Mark’s music, more people are discovering their own inner “songs of the soul” – music, tones, and vibrations that Mark believes each one of us carries within our true self, our highest self. Simply put, when those inner tones are activated by Mark’s music, the listener resonates at higher levels of consciousness and peak performance.

Because the name Mark Romero is also synonymous with personal and professional success, Mark now makes the most of his unique musical ability by mentoring, teaching and uplifting audiences by awakening the principles of achievement and accomplishment within them using his music.

By introducing simple yet proven techniques, audiences everywhere can learn how to create more success in their everyday and professional lives.

So where did Mark gain all this insight and wisdom about how success actually works?

Real Estate Mogul Robert Allen, Mark Romero, #1NY Times Best-Selling Author Mark Victor Hansen

Throughout a 19-year career in the electronics industry, Mark continually challenged traditional models that governed how to be successful. Using his own proven sales philosophy, Mark realized a $15 million a year business in just 5 short years. But Mark’s inner dream was calling him to gain a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries and then to use his life helping others realize their own potential for understanding and attaining their dreams.

After literally walking away from this career to pursue his dream, Mark got back into his music which had always been a healing pathfinder and equalizer throughout his life. As a result, Mark created a new enterprise he called OPTIONS. He created an educational, entertaining, and inspiring program using the art of music to deliver messages of motivation and achievement that literally allows the audience to “up their energy and uplift their lives.” Recognizing that he truly enjoyed leading and coaching others to higher levels of success, Mark began infusing new ways of thinking into his seminars and workshops, showing the audience how to open doors to infinite untapped possibilities and then receive extraordinary results by looking at life through a creative slant.

The dynamic programs that audiences everywhere get to enjoy, along with the remarkable results, only prove that Mark Romero is one of those visionary leaders who love to connect with audiences by teaching, motivating, and inspiring them to achieve new heights. Mark says, “It has been an amazing journey since discovering all this! It’s been more challenging than I would have ever imagined…Music has excited me about the potential for having a positive effect on the way people can transform their lives.”



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