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James Foo, Qi Gong and Feng Shui Master

James Foo

James Foo

Master Foo was born with the special ability to view Qi (energy)
inside one’s body.  After years of practice he was able to fine
tune his skill and made keen observations of how Qi in the
environment affects the human body, as well as
how Qi moves within the bodily organs.

With this talent he is able to help others find out about
their health issues.

Through his use and manipulation of Qi,
he is also able to help improve their health condition.
This, coupled with his endless curiosity, scientific mind and
desire to make the studying and understand of Chi easy for all, enables him to
develop a simple Qi Gong technique that is mostly unheard of.  He has been
regularly consulted by medical doctors as well as alternative healers.
Individuals also search him out for private health, as well as Feng Shui
consultation for their home and their businesses.

Master Foo has mentored many healers and Qi Gong Masters over the years.
He has taught in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and in Europe.

Master Foo’s workshops are always fun and informative.  He has an uncanny
ability to de-mystify complicated issues, simplifying them for easier understanding.
Participants often feel that they benefit not only physically but emotionally and spiritually.
His Ottawa workshop coordinator, Angela Fung, stated that she “witnessed that many
students of his were able to find the true cause of their challenges and overcome them.
Many healing professionals were able to greatly improve their effectiveness”.

Master Foo is a rare find of someone with a special gift sharing with all in an easy,
relaxed, fun and powerful life affirming manner.