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Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola – A Unified Soul

Franco sees the world & humanity in a very different way.  He sees clearly that humanity is more than the human “computer” and the sum of the experiences here on this planet.  What he shares is beyond this “human computer.”  Franco has great love for humanity and their experience on this planet. He realizes their challenges and also their greatness in the unfoldment-taking place.

Franco is a unified soul that completed the evolutionary process through human consciousness some 200 years ago and has traveled dimensionally, allowing him to gain a broader spectrum until humanity was at a point of such readiness to experience an advanced consciousness shift.

Franco reentered the planet in a human physicality in the late 50s, giving himself time to assimilate with the human condition through the experiential realm, for the sole purpose of assisting humanity through this consciousness shift.

Part of his assimilation process involved having a simulated human experience to be able to relate with the present human condition and for humanity to be able to relate with him.  Even though Franco had access to many of his previous lives, tuning into them would not have provided him with the same human connection as in having his present human experience with all its intricacies.  He entered this world in an ‘aware state,’ with the recollection of the consciousness before incarnation, plus the recollection of thousands of years of previous life times.

Part of the simulated human experience involved losing most of his pre-incarnation memory at about age five.  Regardless, some higher awareness remained with him, which made him continue to see life differently, therefore not quite fitting into the so-called norm.  He also had some very profound experiences beyond what is considered as typical human experiences, which most times were totally misunderstood by others; he therefore had to keep them to himself.

For most of his childhood, he viewed what we call the world as a place with much limitation and filled with an assortment of archaic belief systems, which were repeated and maintained as a way of life.  As a child he used to greatly observe people and he found their actions quite robotic and unconscious.

As he grew up, he continued to feel out of place with the structures, limitations and what was considered to be the way of life.  However, with some adaption on his part he was able, to some degree, experience life as the majority of people did, while maintaining some access to an expanded insight. This early period of life allowed him to connect to the human experience, as it was intended. However, as time went on, there was an increasing internal knowing that it was time to step into his purpose for being here rather than to continue the life he had adopted and was living. In 2001, the veils that prevented him from having access to his pre-incarnation memory and consciousness started to lift off, bit by bit over a several year period, simulating an awakening process, which is getting closer to completion now.

As part of reintegration to his purpose here, he made many important changes in his life. These changes included getting out of the business world and modifying his personal commitments. This enabled him to have more time to complete his internal work, as well as devoting much of this time to assist humanity through its evolutionary process.  The assistance provided to humanity involves many levels and accesses different realms.

Franco provides a very open platform for consciousness expansion, which is very much outside the presently existing collective consciousness and perceptions. What he offers is beyond the ego program, while recognizing how it has completely taken over the human experience. Franco does not get involved with external so-called success and the game within it. His work is to assist people to shift to their ultimate soul purpose, while reestablishing oneness consciousness in this world that encompasses all of humanity, nature, the planet and the universe as part of it.

Franco realizes time has come for him to be more active in the public domain. This is the reason his work and presence are now being made known.

Franco presents the opportunity to side step all the different layers that can slow down the process humanity is going through, in a simple form.  A personal shift in consciousness will create a different personal life experience.  A collective consciousness shift will create a different human experience and a different world reality.  Human consciousness as a whole has been stuck in a very limited archaic program, which was self-sustaining for a very long time.  This stuck state was leading humanity to its own demise.  As a fail-safe to prevent this of occurring once again, a back up plan was put in place.  This consciousness shift presently taking place is the back up plan unfolding.

The human experience is pure potentiality. That, which is our present human experience is not the only experience there is.  Humanity is being given the opportunity to experience a much more expansive and unified human experience.

For the time being, Franco also provides individual assistance.  His method involves communicating with individuals at the soul level to provide a very expanded non-limiting one on one consultation covering every aspect of life.  His work can incorporate energy work to clear old energies, cellular memories and debris, which can involve activations, cellular restoration and balancing. Part of the clearing can involve a custom process that addresses sub-conscious memories, traumas, etc., which can extend to clearing past lives as needed.

His work is about getting to the source.  It is important to understand that he is only the facilitator. Results and depths achieved will depend on each individual’s openness, intention and readiness.  Regardless, no one is ever the same after the process.  This work opens people up to a whole new life experience.

As Franco’s work will shift more and more to addressing the greater public and on a grander scale, the personalized one-on-one work will eventually become somewhat less available.

Franco is a very loving being, devoted to assisting humanity to create a new reality that far exceeds the present limited experience, which encompasses oneness and love.  If you feel ready and drawn, then it is time to move forward.