Sonia Ricotti

From: Antonia & Brenda
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Magnificent One,

Do you know that you are unsinkable?


Join us this Thursday, February 11, 2010 9pm Eastern,
6pm Pacific for a FREE Teleseminar with Law of Attraction expert, Sonia Ricotti to find out how you too can become unsinkable!

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With Sonia Ricotti

A Teleseminar that will inspire and change the way you experience life!

  •  How to overcome difficult times
  • unleash the past,
  • and begin Living You life Out Loud! This is YOUR time.

Sonia Ricotti is one of the world’s  #1 bestselling authors, renowned motivational speakers, and personal success and law of attraction experts. Her book The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life that you Deserve has received international acclaim and is sold in bookstores around the world.

Sonia will be sharing the strategies and steps on how to overcome tough times (both present and past), and truly learn, grow, and how to take those experiences to catapult you into your greatest life.

It is time to finally begin living your greatest life - right now; Right this second. Not when you have more money, when you get out of debt, when the children get older, when you find your soul mate, or when you find that perfect job. You can live a great life right now!

Sonia is no stranger to difficult times, in fact, the last year of her life was one of the toughest she has ever experienced. She is going to be sharing her personal experiences (for the first time!), her lessons, her growth, and how she has embraced all that has happened. It is quite will be amazed and inspired by her story!

In fact, her recent difficult experience has inspired her to write a new transformational book titled “Unsinkable” (of course) that will inspire and change the way people experience life. It will be out early 2011.


Register for the call quickly to find out just how unsinkable you really are!

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