Feng Shui 101 QiMatic Way

Well, we have finally done it!
We’ve convinced Sifu James to teach Feng Shui 101!!!
After many requests Sifu James has agreed to add the art of Feng Shui 101 into his very busy schedule.
This is an entry level course where you will learn the foundation of Feng Shui for Health, Wealth and Happiness!
The program is open to all participants.
In order to make this possible, we have modified the February 4 & 5, 2017 Toronto workshop to as follows:
Saturday, February 4, 2017
Condensed: The Core of QiMatic QiGong
9:30am to 3:00pm
21 Clairtrell Road, North York.
Click here for map.
Cost: $150; repeat students of Level 1, seniors and students: $75
Sunday, February 5, 2017
Feng Shui 101 – QiMatic Approach
9:30am to 3:00pm
21 Clairtrell Road, North York.
Click here for map.
Cost: $150
In Feng Shui 101 you will learn:
*  What really is Feng Shui?
*  How does it affect your Health and Wealth?
*  How to locate auspicious (prosperous) areas in your home.
*  How to improve the inauspicious areas in your home (tone down the negative energy)
*  Work on your own residential space with your floor plan.
Click here to send an email and register for the complete weekend or just one event (as you know Sifu James ALWAYS has new information to freely share no matter what the topic).
If you wish to just register for just one of the programs then send me an email at info@masterpiecelife.com and simply let me know which event you will be attending.
If you are attending Feng Shui 101 be sure to draw out and bring your home’s floor plan.
Please note that to best facilitate the learning of the whole group we will first only focus on the teachings of Feng Shui 101.
Once the course is completed, Sifu James will then take time to work on individual floor plans.
We are so looking forward to being together again soon!
Space is limited so be sure to contact me as soon as possible to book your spot!

2013 and Beyond: Interview with Franco DeNicola and Einar Sørbye

Franco DeNicola was just recently interviewed in Norway by Einar Sørbye on the topic of 2013 and Beyond.
This is a great 37 minute video and I highly recommend passing it on!!

A Car that Runs on Water? You Better Believe It!

A Car that Runs on Water? You Better Believe It!

I am reposting here from Brian Kelly’s blog.  There are many, many, many inventions out there that can supply clean energy easily and practically free.  I know this personally as a few friends were personally involved in this a while back but had to stay silent and out of site for fear of having their inventions destroyed, being killed and having their families harmed.  That was then. It is ALL changing NOW. Truth and Transparency is changing everything and I say “Bring It ON!”  🙂

Brian, Bob & Lisa are doing an incredible job of  Living and Doing free-energy so that people can all see how easy it is to come together and make something truly good for the planet and humankind take place.  They deserve our full support!  Below is Brian’s post:

October 1st, 2013

This is the real deal ladies and gentleman. I’ve seen two prototypes with my own eyes. One was a generator and the other a Suburban. Both of which we will have out with us on the road, leaving no room for any doubters or naysayers to launch any discrediting attempts. Change is here NOW. The government shut down today for crying out loud. All the signs are everywhere. The stage has been set and now its up to us to take action. This campaign represents just that. Made possible by individuals who share a common vision for a better and more peaceful world.

This is my heartfelt request to all who read this to get involved with this project in whatever way you can or are feeling guided to. Come out and join us. Donate what you can. If enough people donate a little it adds up to a lot very quick, every little bit helps. Tell your friends about what’s happening. Tell your family. Share it on Facebook. This is BIG news! The time has come to stop giving our energy to Big Brother and Big Oil. Join us and let’s reclaim the power that has always been rightfully ours! Let’s come together to not only ensure a better future for our children, but to secure a better present for ALL OF US! Progress doesn’t have to be a generation away if enough of our amazing human family Unite NOW. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Each and every one of you who have supported me, simply by coming to this blog and supporting my work. It’s time to take it to the next level. THIS is what I was born to DO. Much Love everyone. Peace & Blessings ~BK

Click here to donate now (video at the bottom of the post):



Help Bring Free Energy to the People!

Your contributions will help bring Free Energy Technology directly TO the PEOPLE! Our Phase I funding of $20,000 will allow the 5D Media Network team to launch the OPAL Tour – a mobile alternative media network. Amongst the many things we’ll showcase on the OPAL Tour, Free Energy Technology is just the beginning!

The latest development on the Free Energy side of the OPAL Tour is one that we are all extremely excited about. As of this week, the architect and mastermind behind the development of the engine and generator conversions is going to be joining us on the road! For safety reasons, we have agreed to not mention his name or where he is located, which is only a temporary precautionary measure. His protection comes in the form of others knowing how to successfully develop the conversions. The more who have the knowledge, the harder it is for those who wish to stop it, to shut it down. There are a handful of people across the country who are trained in this technology already who we are in the process of networking with right now.

One of the objectives of the OPAL Tour is to showcase suppressed information and technologies. Our plan for distribution through the tour is the core element which will allow “we the people” to succeed where countless others have failed. No middle men. No patents. No desire for capital gain. The technology will travel directly to THE PEOPLE. As we speak, one of our OPAL Tech Team members is working up the following components: schematics, diagrams (flow, block), parts lists (for generators and car engines), tools, specifics/measurements, background theory and science, assembly instructions, assembly skill sets/techniques/warnings/hazards, maintenance instructions, troubleshooting guide and basic operating instructions. Once these plans are complete, we will be creating a purely digital file, capable of mass distribution. The file will be shared to various contacts within and outside of this country prior to the tour launch, at no charge. This element will help to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

By empowering other innovators to come forward and share their creations, we’ll create the space for a grassroots, mobile movement of change from state to state. To show what’s possible when the ONE PEOPLE unite, we’ll be traveling with a converted generator and Chevy Suburban to educate the people. Our tech team will provide live demonstrations by showing the technology in action – all because our contact decided it was time to come forward! The OPAL Tour gives him the platform to share his passion directly with others. Our intention is to attract anyone who has the necessary skill sets and capabilities out to our events, so they can be trained on reproducing the conversions on their own. A complete package of plans and hands on training will be provided as well. To ensure easy access to parts, we are currently in the process of negotiating an agreement with a machinist/parts supplier who will be developing a pre packaged kit to include all necessary parts ready to be shipped to anywhere throughout the country! A classic train the trainer model, with easy access to parts and plans will create the space for mass reproduction of conversions, ultimately bringing the people that much closer to Total Energy Independence!

The OPAL Tour will bring people together to foster community and new ways of conscious living. There will be live broadcasts of all 5D Media Network programs & streaming of events and interviews to connect people regardless of location. You’ll find content that will span all different interests from new healing technology to alternative sustainable communities. Through traveling across the US, we will be connecting with those who have a common vision for a world Absent Limits. Our shared vision and intention with our technician team is just one example of the magic which is possible when the PEOPLE unite! This vision is our common bond. One that makes the relationship very special and one that will guarantee our mutual success – here and along the way!

We have already succeeded by developing working prototypes of the technology. This is not a “donate your money and we’ll give it our best shot” crowd funding campaign. It’s more of a “help us to make this happen and together we will change the world” call to action. Massive exposure is what we need most. Every small contribution helps…combined with assisting us to get the message out there helps even more. Your contributions are crucial to help us get to work to BE the change we want to see in the world!

It’s time for The One People to Unite!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting

Website: www.5Dmedianetwork.com

Facebook: facebook.com/opaltour
Facebook Group:  facebook.com/groups/OPALenergy

Twitter Hashtag: #optaltour


Flowing with the New Frequencies of 2013 with Franco DeNicola & Antonia Hagens – Transcript

Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

Online webcast , July 24, 2013

With Franco DeNicola and Antonia Hagens

Click Here to access the full audio and the Flowing with the Frequencies of 2013 Activation/Meditation

This call is to having Q & A about the new frequencies that are happening for 2013.  As I’m sure you are aware, there are a lot of changes happening right now.  And I know that people have commented how they are feeling with the changes in frequency: some are talking about buzzing in the ears or just this feeling that something is really different.  So that’s what this call is about.

Yes.  People have been feeling that there’s been a lot going on, and now is a good time for us to re-connect and get a feel for what’s going on.  Because sometimes it can get a little…I don’t want to use the word “lonely”…but in a sense you feel like you’re on your own doing this.  And, yes, in a way you are independently doing it…but we are also doing it collectively.  So this is a great opportunity tonight to play and create some more grounding so that you can flow with all these beautiful frequencies coming through that are all beautifully orchestrated…together…to create this beautiful shift that we’ve been looking forward to…and all signed up to be here for.

The human aspect of this whole journey is also part and parcel of everything that’s changing, and sometimes it’s great to connect with each other and experience each other in the physical form…it’s not just the spiritual part, because this is all connected.

Because this is another thing that’s coming in now with all this Activation stuff…all the Oneness aspect.

Yes.  People the world over are feeling that pull to community.  There’s a great documentary on how Cuba managed the ‘peak oil’ crisis.  They had to completely change their society and pull together.  Cuba had been a very petroleum-dependent society when the Soviet Union was backing them.  And then, of course, the U.S. imposed embargoes not only on Cuba but any country what would trade with Cuba, so then Cuba lost everything almost overnight…everything was cut off and there was even no electrical power.  The average Cuban lost about 20 lb. and people became malnourished.  And what happened is, and what I see happening the world over…even in the on-line communities…is that people came together and money didn’t matter.  It was, “How to we work together?”  And everyone, even highly educated people like doctors and lawyers, became farmers.  Because what became important was not the stuff that we thought mattered in society.  What became important was how do we live together and assist each other.  And they all went back to basics and learned how to farm…how to farm organically.  They had huge, huge obstacles, but the prevailing message in the film was what made them strong was that they came together as a community.  “We became more human.”  Everybody pitched in.  Everybody helped.  No one was hoarding.

And I think that with the energies of 2013 that are coming in, that’s what it’s enabling in humanity:  this global pulling together and pooling of resources and knowledge.  We all have gifts.

It’s like with Franco and I and sometimes people ask “Why do you do it?”  It’s not that Franco and I or anyone else doing any program is “better.”  It’s that we all have a drive, a tool, and this is ours.  So we share it.

And I think that’s what people will feel more and more inside is this irresistible pull to want to speak truth.  The media…and the “not-media,” (laughs) whichever way you want to look at it…is doing a beautiful job of showing how absurd things are.  And people are starting to ask questions.  And the more changes that are coming through, which are perfect, it’s to draw us back to being human and experiencing our humanity together…celebrating what is beautiful about being human…celebrating that capacity to come together and share.

And I think that’s what we’re seeing the world over:  whether it’s an on-line global community…  I think everyone on this call knows that the illusion of success and the so-called American dream is all totally made up to keep you searching and looking and never happy.  People have drilled holes through that one.  We’ve drilled holes, we’ve drilled holes through government and the legal system…everything is becoming more transparent…and there’s more on the way.

And Gaia is assisting with ……………  changes.  We are living in incredible times!


Yes.  The main pull for the whole thing is Oneness consciousness and it’s bringing people back together.

You see, the isolation that we’ve experienced is part of the separation…was part of the illusionary separation that we created so powerfully and dynamically so that we can feel ourselves completely isolated, completely through the survival/struggle mode and everything else.

[click to continue…]

Chi Gong Healing Level 101 Now Open for Registration

Master James Foo

Master James Foo

Amazing Source Essence That You Are!

How are you?
Did you feel the energies of July 29th?

I know that a lot of people I was speaking with started feeling it on Saturday.
We are now being fully pushed by the flowing current of 4D.
The energies leading up to August 8th and continuing will become
more and more intense.  You will feel the Light more intensely.

Prepare to have more and more illusions dissolving!!! YES!!!!

Let us know how you are flowing.


Registration is now open for the October Chi Gong Healing Level 1
with James Foo and myself.

This hands on program will be 3 Saturdays.
You will be working directly with James and myself to assist
you to feel, work with and enable Chi to flow in your body and others.
The full details of the program are at the bottom of this email.

Because of the space restrictions we can only take 20 participants.

This will be a 3 part workshop – you must attend all three.
You will receive a certificate at the completion of the program.

Chi Gong Healing Level 1 with James Foo & Antonia Hagens:

Day One:  Saturday, October 5th, 11am – 5pm
Day Two:  Saturday, October 19th, 11am – 5pm
Day Three:  Saturday, October 26th, 11am – 5pm
Location:  The Gates of Bayview
4005 Bayview, Pool Lounge Room
(Bayview & Steeles), Toronto, M2M 3Z9
Google Map:  http://goo.gl/maps/dkUOn

The cost for the program is:

$300  for full workshop ($100 per day  x 3 sessions)
$150 for seniors (50% discount)
$150 for students (50% discount)

Couples $450

If you are unable to match the suggested contribution
then please contribute the amount you can.

Click Here to Contribute and Register Yourself Now!


Here are your program details:

Taught by Master James Foo & Antonia Hagens

Qi (Chi) = life energy, life-force, or energy flow


You’ll Gain Practical New Skills Right Away To Improve Your Health and Energy Levels

Learn To Harness Qi (Chi) and Focus On How To Use It For Self Healing

Apply What You Learn Right Away and Reap The Benefits

Learn How To Teach Other People To Heal Themselves

Day One:

1)  Learn how to feel, taste and smell Qi, and to
distinguish the good and bad Qi.

2)  Learn how to use Qi to improve your energy.
Measure & chart one’s energy before and after practicing Qi exercise.

3)   Question and Answer period.


Day Two:

1)  Sensing the Qi in the Kidneys, Liver, Heart,
Spleen and Lungs to determine your organ’s health
of yourself and your friends.

2)  Learn how to use SIMPLE acupuncture points
to assess your energy levels of your 5 organs.

3)  Learn how to use Strange Meridian and
Simple acupuncture points to improve the
Qi flow in your organs.

4)  Questions and Answer period.


Day Three:

1)  Learn how color plays in healing and its relationship to the 5 organs.

2)  Learn how to use color to improve health status of the 5 organs.

3)  Question and Answer period.

4)  With completion of the entire 3-days course and
successful assessment, participants will receive a certificate.


Who will benefit? People Who:

1) Are seeking natural healing.

2) Want to try an alternative healing method.

3) Want to strengthen their inner energy.

4) Want to stay healthy into their old age.


Click Here to Contribute and Register Yourself Now!


Sending you Love, Peace & Oneness,

Gand Sextile July 29th 2013

Grand-SextileAmazing Creator Essence That You Are!!!

Happy Grand Sextile!!!

I want you to know how much you are loved!

We are ONE!
Our natural state is

Today is a special day of flowing celestial configuration,
known as the Star of David, Grand Sextile or
Star Tetrahedron – surrounding the earth

Millions all over the world are joining today in
meditation to focus on Love, Peace & Oneness.

Below is a good article on today:

Grand Sextile of July 29th, 2013

Whether you are joining a group or just on
or spending time on your know know that as
you meditate you are energetically uniting as
ONE and anchoring yourself and our planet in
Love, Peace & ONENESS!!!

There are so many changes yet to come to dissolve
the old 3D world and I say –  YES!!! Bring it on!!!!!

Here are some of the meditations and activations
that Franco and I have created to assist.
Use them and pass them on!

Flowing with the New Frequencies

Global Re-Empowerment of Humanity

All other meditations can be found below:

Clearings/ Activations

Freely share, post and pass on!  <3

And for those of you who were able to make it
out to the picnic yesterday thank you for the
great fun!!!  We will be doing it again next year.

I’ll post pictures up on the Masterpiece Life
Facebook site as soon as Eric download them
from the camera.  Sorry there won’t be many
as we were all to busy having fun!!!  🙂

Here is the Masterpiece Life Facebook link:


Sending you Love, Peace, Joy and Oneness,
Antonia & Franco

PS – if you haven’t yet, can you go to the Masterpiece Life
Facebook link above and “Like” the page. – Thanks! 🙂

Will You Join Us in Sending Love to the Military – Worldwide?!

Amazing Magnificent Creator Essence That You Are,

First – I need to let you know that I am in a deep
state of profound love for you!

What an incredible time we have chosen to be together.

I Love You.

All is Love. We Are One!

There are so many changes that are taking place because
we are feeling Love & Oneness more and more.

I’d like to request that for the next 2 weeks you focus with
us on directing Love & Oneness to the military.

Many of you already know how much of the old 3D world
the military industrial complex controlled – and that is changing!

In these next 2 weeks, will you join with Franco and myself in directing
Love & Oneness to the military the world over – yes that includes the police.

Franco and I have been directed to work with this stage right now.
As you join with us we amplify.

You can simply stop throughout the day and send Love & Oneness,
or do any of the activations/clearings that you can access at:


With my children being home for summer vacation I have not yet had a chance to
add the activations from the 2013 & Beyond weekend and Global Re-Empowerment
of Humanity so you can access them at:

2013 & Beyond: Continuing the Shift Into Oneness:

Global Re-Empowerment of Humanity:

Follow you heart and do any of the above clearings and activations
or just simply do your own meditation.

Please pass this on!!!