Aligning Body, Soul and Higher Self

Do you sometimes just feel like you are not yourself? Feel different and odd but can’t quite understand why you have changed?  Or, sometimes just feel like you are not in your body?

This may all be because your soul is not aligned with your body and higher self.

That’s why Sifu James and I are hosting an Energy Transmission to assist you to Align Body, Soul and Higher Self.

Here is your info:

Aligning Body, Soul and Higher Self  Energy Transmission by Sifu James Foo

Time: Tuesday, February 7th at 9:00 PM Eastern

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To join via phone:
Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 171508#
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This is a silent Energy Transmission.  If you arrive late and hear silence just call out “3396 Connect” to be energetically added in.  Then relax and let Sifu James guide you.

Flowing with December 21, 2015 Energies

December 21, 2015 brought in a new set of energies to further assist humanity along the journey of awakening.  Although humanity still seems very caught up in a 3rd dimension reality, the planet is moving into 5th dimension.  December 21, 2015 brought a wave of new 5D energies to continue to shift the planet into 5D.  Although these energies will mostly affect the planet for now, humanity will feel the ripple effect.  Everything is in flux, however, March 2016 seems to present some interesting events for humanity.

Sifu James Foo has created an Energy Transmission to assist you with these changes.  Click here to access the energy transmission.  If you have been following the powerful work of Sifu James, you will know that the past two years we have all be working with 528 (love consciousness) energy.  The new energy download of December 21, 2015, a “knowledge” based energy, requires that we set ourselves higher than 528.  In fact, Sifu James recommends that we work with the energies of 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 8.  Please listen to the pre-event audio so that you are up to date on how these energies will effect you and how best to tap into them.

Here is a great synopsis of the information from the Flowing with the New Energies of December 21, 2015:

“5-2-8” by itself is no longer strong enough to bring you up to the necessary frequency.  You should now be up to a frequency of 1000 or higher.

“5-2-8” will still work to raise the frequency of water.

“3-3-9-6” is STILL Sifu James’ private code to access his frequency.

August 4, 2013 – major download of LOVE energy

September 8, 2015 – this download raised all our energy levels to the highest they could be – it was a very light energy

December 21, 2015 – this download of energy was about information (data) (NOT Buddha energy, however) and makes you have a thirst for knowledge.  However, it is very heavy, and will make you tired.

The following exercise will assist you to better deal with this new energy:



(By “calling” we simply mean to say it out loud or think it in your head.)

  1. When calling “5-2-8”, in order to make it strong enough for these new December 21, 2015, energies you must now call it this way:

“5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-2-8”   (i.e. 5 x 8’s, then 2-8)

This brings in 10th Dimensional energies to assist you with this exercise.  Using the palms of your hands facing each other, test to ensure that they are moving apart to indicate that you have called in these energies and are now expanding.  You should also feel the Energy Wheel on your head spinning clockwise.

  1. If you find you still have a lot of mind chatter, then call “7” to quiet the mind. Tell the Gatekeeper to quiet down.  You should then find yourself calm and your mind blank.
  1. Then call “1” which will activate your Kundalini energy and ensure that your chakras are linked up.
  1. Then call “1-2” This opens up your crown chakra which will allow you to communicate with the universe.
  1. Then call “9” which will open your Third Eye. This also synchronizes the left and right brain so that you can understand what the universe is telling you. If you see images while doing this exercise, you will now also understand what they mean. “8-5-2” also opens the 3rd Eye, however, if you see images using that code you will have no knowledge, insight, or understanding about what you are seeing.  As always, your Third Eye will open only as much as you personally need to have it open at this particular point in time, and you will see only what it is that you personally need to see.
  1. Then call “6”. This will activate your eardrums to vibrate, which will allow you to communicate with and “hear” the universe. 
  1. Then go to a quiet place and listen to yourself (become the observer) and you should hear information coming to you


If you receive information about a problem in your body, here’s how to fix it:

With arms at your sides, lift your hands so that your palms are facing the floor – and when you feel the breeze on your palms, put your focus on the problem area and use your intention to use the universal energy to fix it.

If you know the medicine or herbs to assist the healing call it.  For example, if your immune system is weak, then call “GcMAF” which is protein which will activate the immune system.

Once again you can Click here to access the energy transmission replay. If you are new to our community be sure to join the mailing list it the top right corner of the website.

528 Energy ReSet

James Foo

Get ready for more assistance from Sifu James!!!

Make sure to join us tonight:

Title: 528 Re-Set Energy Transmission with Sifu James Foo
Time: Tuesday, June 30th at 9:00pm Eastern

Click Here To attend via webcast.

To attend via telephone
(425) 440-5100 Pin Code: 171508#

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Part 1:  Welcome and Explanation
Part 2:  528 Re-Set Energy Transmission
Part 3:  Comments and Feedback

** Please note that this is a silent energy transmission. If you arrive late you will only hear silence.  Sit back, relax, and allow yourself to receive.

Creating a New World Template – Day rates now available!

Ready to Create a New World Template from Within???

Wow!  Is time ever going by quickly! There is only 2 weeks left until the Creating a New World Template Retreat!

We still have space left so please be sure to register quickly!

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I have received many requests from those who can not attend the whole weekend and would like to attend one day only.

Although we do not normally do this at the retreat, (always best to attend it fully) I have provided options to attend Saturday or Sunday only sessions.

Click Here to register for Saturday Only

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If you missed the live preview call with Franco DeNicola and Sifu James Foo you can click here to access it now!

Eye Energy Transmission

Over the past few months many have noticed that they are having issues with their eyes. Blurred vision, strained eyesight, more difficulty reading, etc.  At first, I thought it was just my experience and that of those who closely surrounded me.  Then I started asking a simple question:  “How is your eyesight lately?”.  It seemed that almost everyone I spoke to perked up and started talking about how their eyesight seemed to be deteriorating rapidly all of a sudden, especially over the last two months.

To assist with this, Sifu James Foo and I are hosting an online Eye Energy Transmission.  This is to send specific healing energies to the eye and all the related muscles and anatomy of the eye.

Be sure to join us live as Sifu James energetically collects all who are present to be worked on.  If you miss the call due to time zone challenges then be sure to download the replay. As you listen to it, start off at the beginning by calling out “3396 connect” to be energetically added into the energy transmission.

Here are your call details:

Title: Eye Energy Transmission  with Sifu James Foo
Date & Time: Tuesday, May 26th at 9:00pm Eastern

Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 171508#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

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Click here to go to the event page and attend via webcast.

The Eye Energy Transmission will be divided into:

Part 1:  Welcome and questions
Part 2: Eye Energy Transmission
Part 3:  Comments and feedback

Please note:  This is a silent energy transmission. If you arrive late on the call and here only silence it is because we have already begun.  Sit back, relax, call out “3396 Connect” and allow yourself to be guided.

Balancing Your Hormones

Many people are having difficulties with hormones being out of balance.  Recently I connected with an old friend who is an herbalist.  We were discussing how he finds that there always seems to be two areas that he has to treat clients for:
1.  Radiation overload
2. Hormone depletion.

These two issues results in many imbalances in the body.
Radiation (cell phone, Wifi, microwaves, etc.) disturb your DNA from being able to repair and build as they were designed to do.  Think of your DNA as your physical blueprint.  If the blueprint gets distorted or destroyed then errors occur and your cells don’t re-create in a healthy manner.  Your body will react by first trying to contain the radiation so that it does not cause wide spread damage.  This is when a tumor occurs.  A tumor is your body’s natural defense mechanism trying to trap and contain toxins or defective material in one area so that the body can continue with it’s repair and life functions.  This is why Sifu James Foo and I held a Radiation Clearing Transmission so that you can assist yourself to release some of the stored radiation in your body.  You can access the transmission here.

Hormones are also being strongly affected right now.  Even in young children – this I especially find upsetting.  Your endocrine system is comprised of these glands:  Hypothalamus, Pineal, Pituitary, Parathyroid, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenals, Kidneys, Pancreas and the Ovaries/Testis.  Together they have a beautiful and intricate system of communication that creates and releases the appropriate hormones that are responsible for so many functions in the body.

To get a good visual see the diagram below:

Endocrine System

We all go through a natural rise and fall of hormone levels starting with birth, childhood, puberty, adulthood, menopause and then the later stages of life.  However, what is currently happening is that in many, hormonal levels are out of balance and quickly getting depleted.  I’m not a doctor nor am I diagnosing, however, as a nutritionist I do see that many are having conditions that are results of a hormone imbalance – and I don’t just mean menopause or thyroid issues.  I do believe, as my herbalist friend stated, that the first course of action is to reduce the harmful radiation accumulated in the body.  Click here to use Sifu James Foo’s Energy Transmission that was especially created to assist you to do just that.

Then, be sure to join Sifu James Foo and I on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 9:00pm Eastern as we come together to create an Energy Transmission to assist you with Balancing Your Hormones.  Please be sure to be on the call on time as Sifu James will energetically collect all those that are present and work on you directly.  If you miss the live call you will be able to access the replay here.

Here are your call details:

Re-Setting Your Hormones Energy Transmission
Tuesday, April 28th at 9:00pm Eastern

Attend via Webcast:
Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 171508#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Click Here for a full list of local dial in numbers

Clearing Harmful Radiation

It seems everywhere you turn you are bombarded with sources of harmful radiation: cell phones, computers, wifi, smart meters, cell towers and on and on …

We know that harmful radiation can cause multiple disruptions in the body leading to issues such as depression, ADD, hormone interference, cancers and much more. I believe that it is one of the leading causes of so much ill health.  What is not discussed is the fact that cell phone radiation disrupts DNA.  This is of course a big concern considering that children younger than ten years old are now carrying cell phones and are constantly using them.  Technology and devices like cell phones are here to stay.  They have totally changed how we do things and allows you to connect with me over the internet just like we are doing right now.  It’s made so many things possible and we are not about to just throw them out.  The question becomes, how do we protect our bodies from strong harmful radiation?

This is what Sifu James Foo and I will discussing during a very special and much needed Energy Transmission on Clearing Harmful Radiation.

Be sure to join Sifu James Foo and myself for a very important energy transmission.

Here are your event details:

Clearing Harmful Radiation, Energy Transmission by Sifu James Foo.

Part 1:  What is harmful radiation and why it effects you?
Part 2:  Clearing Harmful Radiation Energy Transmission
Part 3:  Comments and Feedback


Title: Clearing Harmful Radiation
Date & Time: Tuesday, March 24th at 9:00pm Eastern

To attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 171508#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

Check here for a full list of local dial in Numbers.

Click here to attend via webcast.

Please note that this is a silent Energy Transmission. If you arrive late and hear only silence then it is because we have already begun.  Sit back and simply allow yourself to receive.

***For maximum benefits please be on the call on time! Sifu James will energetically collect and connect to all those who are on the call and continue to work with you throughout the Clearing Harmful Radiation Energy Transmission.