I Am Love – Universal Meditation/Activation

Love is who we are – all else is an illusion.

A dream was set up to have us temporarily forget how powerful LOVE IS and how powerful WE ARE.

We are all awakening to the TRUTH that LOVE IS  and WE ARE LOVE.  This is what we are remembering.




All else is a temporary illusion which we are dissipating.

We are here to experience, learn and enlighten to return to the Light State of LOVE.

That is our journey and each and everyone of us has a different path on this beautiful planet we call home.


Join Franco DeNicola and I this  Thursday, Jan 23rd 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific for an extremely powerful I AM LOVE Meditation/Clearing.

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Title: I Am Love – Universal Meditation/Activation
Date & Time: Thursday, January 23rd at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific

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To attend via telephone:
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Guest pin code: 171508#

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Will You Join Us in Sending Love to the Military – Worldwide?!

Amazing Magnificent Creator Essence That You Are,

First – I need to let you know that I am in a deep
state of profound love for you!

What an incredible time we have chosen to be together.

I Love You.

All is Love. We Are One!

There are so many changes that are taking place because
we are feeling Love & Oneness more and more.

I’d like to request that for the next 2 weeks you focus with
us on directing Love & Oneness to the military.

Many of you already know how much of the old 3D world
the military industrial complex controlled – and that is changing!

In these next 2 weeks, will you join with Franco and myself in directing
Love & Oneness to the military the world over – yes that includes the police.

Franco and I have been directed to work with this stage right now.
As you join with us we amplify.

You can simply stop throughout the day and send Love & Oneness,
or do any of the activations/clearings that you can access at:


With my children being home for summer vacation I have not yet had a chance to
add the activations from the 2013 & Beyond weekend and Global Re-Empowerment
of Humanity so you can access them at:

2013 & Beyond: Continuing the Shift Into Oneness:

Global Re-Empowerment of Humanity:

Follow you heart and do any of the above clearings and activations
or just simply do your own meditation.

Please pass this on!!!

Louise Hay and Experience Your Good Now!

I’m just getting ready to take my family
out to the park. Fresh air, exercise and laughter.
I think those 3 simple things alone can pretty
much cure all of the world’s issues. Everything
would work itself out. You would be free to
Experience Your Good Now.
Isn’t it interesting how we pick up programming
form our parents, our culture and the mass
consciousness that blocks feeling
good about ourselves and life?
It’s just part of the journey we are here
to discover and evolve with.
Affirmations are a great way to
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For the Unconditional Love of Money – Part 2

Continued from yesterday… By Tracy Graham

By doing all of this I was able to viscerally experience the
aspects of money that were good feeling. I began to see that
focusing on the positive, good feeling side of the subject of
money is just as valid as focusing on the heavy, lack side of it.
We have a choice as to which aspects of money we give our
focus over to and the aspects that we choose are the ones
that will be drawn into our experience.

Unconditional love is being non resistant to what is. Jesus was
a teacher who spoke of loving your enemies. Debt, for example,
is perceived by many as the enemy, and don’t we usually try to
resist our enemies? But to be in a state of unconditional love
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For the Unconditional Love of Money – Part 1

By Tracy Graham

For the (Unconditional) Love of Money

There is nothing more spiritual than the free flow of Resource
running through our lives and that resource, naturally,
includes money. Most of us, however, tend to build barriers
that hinder that flow from moving freely and continuously
throughout our experience. To remove any barriers and allow
for the flow of  abundance, create an inner environment that is
in harmony with that abundance, one that is free of resistance,
an environment of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is allowing things the freedom to be as they
are with no pushing against, no trying to trying to fix, no trying
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Removing Limiting Beliefs

Let’s look at ways to remove limiting beliefs.
Marc Allen author of Visionary Business and The Millionaire
describes a powerful way of removing limiting
beliefs using the Core Belief Process.
Here it is in his words:

Marc Allen

Steps in the core belief process

1. Think of a particular problem, situation,
or area of your life you want to improve.

Describe it — take two or three minutes to think
about it or talk about it in general.

2. What emotions are you feeling?
Name the specific emotion, such as fear, anger, frustration, guilt, sadness….
(At the risk of making a broad generalization, I have found most women usually
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You Can Heal Your Life – Part 3

I know that I have talked about this before and I
believe it is important to talk about it again.

In You Can Heal Your Life Part 1 we talked
about becoming aware of your thoughts,
becoming the observer. In Part 2 we looked
at where a limiting belief came from and I
showed you a very powerful and simple
way to remove that limiting belief. Let’s
now fill it with a belief of your choice.

Affirmations are simply positive statements.
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