Will You Join Us in Sending Love to the Military – Worldwide?!

Amazing Magnificent Creator Essence That You Are,

First – I need to let you know that I am in a deep
state of profound love for you!

What an incredible time we have chosen to be together.

I Love You.

All is Love. We Are One!

There are so many changes that are taking place because
we are feeling Love & Oneness more and more.

I’d like to request that for the next 2 weeks you focus with
us on directing Love & Oneness to the military.

Many of you already know how much of the old 3D world
the military industrial complex controlled – and that is changing!

In these next 2 weeks, will you join with Franco and myself in directing
Love & Oneness to the military the world over – yes that includes the police.

Franco and I have been directed to work with this stage right now.
As you join with us we amplify.

You can simply stop throughout the day and send Love & Oneness,
or do any of the activations/clearings that you can access at:


With my children being home for summer vacation I have not yet had a chance to
add the activations from the 2013 & Beyond weekend and Global Re-Empowerment
of Humanity so you can access them at:

2013 & Beyond: Continuing the Shift Into Oneness:

Global Re-Empowerment of Humanity:

Follow you heart and do any of the above clearings and activations
or just simply do your own meditation.

Please pass this on!!!

2013 and Beyond Preview Call

There are so many changes happening in our world right now.

The Winds of Change are Here!

Just in time for the 2013 & Beyond:
Continuing the Shift Into Oneness Preview Call

Mark your calendar now for
next Wednesday, May 22nd at 9pm – 10:30pm EDT.

Go to the link below and enter your questions now:

2013 & Beyond Preview Call


This is the preview call for the 2013 & Beyond: Continuing the Shift
Into Oneness event that Franco DeNicola and myself (Antonia Hagens)
are hosting here in Toronto, and also
available worldwide via audio broadcast, on Saturday & Sunday, June 8 & 9,
10am – 6pm, at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites  Toronto-Markham,
7095 Woodbine Avenue, Markham  ON  L3R 1A3

To register for the June 8 & 9 event go to the Event page
or simply Click Here.

Free Question and Answer Seminar with Franco DeNicola

Tonight, Monday, November 14th at 9pm Eastern Franco DeNicola and I are
hosting a FREE open format Question and Answer Mini Seminar online.
This event is designed to support you in your journey of an accelerated awakening.
By participating in this call you are not only empowering and assisting yourself,
but also assisting the collective consciousness to shift.
Franco DeNicola and I have organized these Free Open format
Question and Answer mini-seminars online to assist you with
what is taking place in your life now and to assist the Shift that
we are moving through with 2012.

We already have many questions is the Q&A so be sure to go to
the link below and enter your question too.
To participate and attend the Free Question and Answer Mini Seminar
with Franco DeNicola at 9PM Eastern click on the link below:
Franco DeNicola Free Question & Answer Online Event

Go to the Q&A section now and enter your questions.
Be sure to join the Masterpiece Life community on the right hand side
of this page and the replay of the Franco DeNicola Free Mini Seminar will
be made availalbe. Plus, you will also be kept updated on all future events.

Antonia Hagens

2012 The Consciousness Shift

2012 is being talked about so much right now.
There are so many varying view points on what 2012 is all about.
Some of them talk about doom and gloom and others of peace.

Is 2012 about the end of the world? NO!
Will there be changes leading up to 2012 that may
be uncomfortable for many? Yes.
Do these changes need to be uncomfortable? NO.

2012 is the ending of a world time and the beginning of
a new world time as was spoken about by the Mayans.
It is up to us to decide what the new world era will be.

Why is 2012 so important? You see 2012 is an incredible
shift. It’s a wake up call for humanity. There are so many levels
of assistance that we are receiving right now in order to wake
up as many as possible so that we can create a world of love
and peace. Will this happen overnight? No. It will take time
to transition. More and more people need to wake up from
the illusion that we are separate from each other, from
the animal kingdom and the planet.

We are all one. What we do to one affects all others.
2012 will mark the beginning of a Oneness Consciousness
so that we can live in peace and love.

Is this possible given the current state of the world? Yes it is.
We do however need to wake up as many people as possible
so that the transition does not require discomfort.

Why the discomfort you ask? Well, ask yourself, have you
not changed and looked for different solutions and possibilities
when you were most presented with challenges? That’s the funny
thing about this current human experience – it takes a lot of
commotion for us to truly change.

Recently Franco DeNicola talked about “2012 The Consciousness Shift”
at a gathering here in Toronto. I highly recommend you listen to
the audio from the event:

2012 The Consciousness Shift Audio

After that, register for the Understanding The Human Experience
event on May 28 & 29. You can attend here in Toronto or
anywhere in the world via Masterpiece Life TV.

Register now:

Understanding The Human Experience

At Understanding The Human Experience you will receive
a much deeper knowing of what being human and 2012
is all about. This is a weekend that will free you to access
peace in your life in a way you have never experienced

Register Now!

2012 and The New Consciousness Shift – Franco DeNicola Speaks at Soul City

Many shifts are taking place right now as
seen and experienced in Japan and all over
the world.

And, more is yet to come…

Join us on Wednesday, April 13th as
Steve Flemming from Soul City hosts
a special evening with Franco DeNicola

on “2012 and The New Consciousness Shift”.

I am hoping to have this event recorded and sent
out to those of you not in the Toronto area:
Below are the details:

2012 and The New Consciousness Shift
by Franco DeNicola

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Location: Timothy’s World Coffee, 2098 Yonge Street, Toronto
(Just two blocks south of Eglinton)

*Arrive at 7:30 * 1 beverage minimum to support venue

Event starts at 8:00pm

Contribution: Only $10

To RSVP for this event please go to:
The Soul City Social Club at:

or call Steve Flemming to reserve a seat at 416-915-6677

Space is limited to the first 40 – You Must RSVP!!!

Be sure to be there and explore what 2012 and The New
Consciousness Shift are truly all about.


Change is Coming Are You Ready?

Did you know that Karma no longer exists?
Did you know that polarity no longer exists?
Did you know that how you experience life has changed?

It has all changed. And there are many more changes
on the way.

Not good, not bad just what is. Change is life.
Life is change. Resist that and your life will
always be difficult.

Do you know that the changes that happen leading
up to 2012 is up to you?. The final verdict
isn’t in yet!!

We are each creating EVERYTHING.
Yes, I mean everything – even the stuff that we
don’t want (wars, hunger, pain, destroying the earth, etc.).

That may sound brutal, but it’s true.

Once you get outside all of the boxes of belief
(and there are many levels of that) you see how
indeed we have agreed to create all of
this – as crazy as that may sound.

That’s when true freedom becomes
possible – when you can see outside all those boxes.

You see, it’s not about learning to play the game better.
You can do that, but that’s not true freedom.

It’s about stepping outside all of those boxes and
seeing what is really taking place.

That’s what I want for you – true freedom, true peace.
Why, because it’s the only way to being All That You ARE.

Franco DeNicola and I will be speaking at a truly life
transforming event called Change & 2012 on
Saturday, January 8, 2011, 9:30am – 6pm Eastern.

You need to be there. You can attend live in Toronto
or virtually via Masterpiece Life TV from any where in the world.
This is something you really, really want to invite your friends
and family to attend. More change is on the way and you
want them to be ready for it.

Register now for Change & 2012 for the
Early Discount Rate of ONLY $99 instead
of the full price of $149 (Offer expires Dec 17).

Click Here and Register Now!

I want you there. Hurry and register now.
The early rate is limited and expires
Friday, December 17, 2010.

Thank you for supporting this incredible

I’ve posted 18 minutes of the last event on
How to Disarm Your Multi-Faceted Ego
for you.
Click Here to Listen Now.


PS – Listen to your soul and come:
Register Here Now!

PPS – Feel free to forward the “How to
Disarm Your Multi-Faceted Ego” to your
friends and family.

Confusion to Clarity with Franco DeNicola Part 2

In today’s blog post we continue to Part 2 of
the Confusion to Clarity interview with Franco DeNicola:

Question: Why is there so much confusion right now
happening on the planet and in people’s lives?

Franco: I can say one thing, that confusion is actually
a good thing
. In saying that, if we allowed the confusion to
actually stop us from getting into a stuck state, it’s still an
experience, but we choose not to be stuck there in that position
where we are so confused we don’t know what to do next.

The first step of confusion is a conflict.

It’s a conflict within the ego mind and the fact that it’s being
exposed to a higher level source, which is your higher self.
The higher source is always communicating to all of us.
As the veils and as we go through the evolutionary cycle
or the enlightenment cycle we tend to get more and more
connected and allow that clarity voice to come through.

It also gets us to modify and adjust the consciousness to a
point where we’re actually going to another level. Of course,
[click to continue…]