Masterpiece Life

Welcome and About Us

Welcome to Masterpiece Life

From: Antonia Hagens

Dear Magnificent You,

Our purpose is to facilitate transformation by educating and inspiring people to live a life of joy, peace, love and prosperity. We believe that your life was created to be a Masterpiece and we will bring you tools in the form of events and experts to address various aspects of your life so that you can make your life the Masterpiece that you deserve.

Our participants experience both immediate and long term changes that include increased prosperity, more joy, better relationships, self empowerment, and a sense of inner peace.

Come on this magnificent journey with us and know that we are honored to be a part of your Masterpiece.

About Us

At Masterpiece Life we believe that abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. And, we believe that this is best achieved when you are in a state of joy and happiness.

Our commitment is to bring the experts – best speakers and teachers to you. How we differ from all the other self-help seminars is that our events bring about learning and transformation through joy and happiness.

“Follow your bliss” – Joseph Campbell

This is why we are Masterpiece Life, because our bliss is facilitating events such that you can bring into realization your Masterpiece. A Masterpiece of Prosperity, of Abundance, of Health, of Love, of Joy .

And, as you create your life’s Masterpiece you ripple out and transform the lives of others in your world and set off a chain reaction so that we all experience the Masterpieces that we are!