Masterpiece Life

The Importance of Clarity

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if
you were clear as to your purpose for
being here and what there is to do?
I think that a lot of the discomfort,
stress and pain come from the fact that
we’re not clear as to why we are here,
our purpose and what we are to do.
Are you ready for  Clarity and Inner Peace?
Picture these two scenarios:
Scenario 1:  You’re driving along a mountain road.
It’s foggy and you can barely make out what
is ahead of you. To the right of you is the
solid rock of the mountain. To the left of
you is a sheer drop. Very little is clear.
You have to use all your power to concentrate
and constantly keep track of where you are. You’re
tense, stressed and anxious.
Scenario 2:  You’re driving along a mountain road.
To the right of you is the solid rock of the
mountain. To the left of you is a sheer drop.
The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful clear day
and you can clearly see where you are going.
You’re taking your time as you drive because
you are awed by the magnificence of the country side.
You’re alert, you’re clear and  know where you are
going. Your body is relaxed and enjoying
the ride.
Which one do you chose to experience?

You see, the difference here is the clarity.
When things are not clear a simple act, like
driving a car, will take up so much energy
and focus that you feel exhausted and have
time for very little else.
However, when you have clarity you see
where you are going and you just go.
That’s why I highly recommend you
register for the Clarity and Inner Peace
event with Franco.
With clarity all else falls into place.
When you are clear you know what steps
you need to take. There is no wasted time
or energy on “What should I do?”
How do you get clear? A great way is to
look at what is really important in your life.
Spend time being quite and open up your
heart to you. Explore you. Take time for you.
Give yourself permission to release the emotions,
the stress. Ask yourself, “What really matters to me?”,
“What am I here  for?” Be still and your answers will
If you are ready to super charge your clarity join us
June 12 & 13 here in Toronto for the Achieve Clarity &
Inner Peace
weekend with Franco DeNicola.
I love you and I wish you clarity and peace,