Masterpiece Life

Raise Your GPS Volume

A GPS (Global Positioning System) is a device that
allows you to plug in the address of your desired
destination and guides you there (as long as you
follow it’s instructions). Generally it will find the
shortest route. Last week I had a great learning
experience with mine.

I was meeting a dear friend for lunch at a location
I had never been before. I entered the address
of the restaurant and very confidently went on
my way. I knew where I wanted to go and I
trusted the GPS in my car to get me there.

I noticed too late into my drive that the internal
volume had been shut off. By this time I had missed
the highway exit and had to go around in a circle
to arrive at the restaurant. This taught me a valuable
lesson – turn up the volume on your GPS!!!

This is very much like our experience here.
We each have an internal guidance system
– GPS. Each person’s GPS is set for a different
destination. Problem is – we’ve turned off the
volume!!! You will still arrive at your destination
in life but, it may just be filled with unnecessary
excitement and discomfort.

How do you turn up the volume on your internal
GPS? There are many ways starting with letting go
of the past and taking time to be quite and just listen
to yourself. If you really listen to yourself you will
notice how much of your internal and spoken
conversation is about the past – what he/she/you did.
It’s a familiar programming that keeps your mind
busy and blocks you from listening to your internal
guidance – GPS.

Letting go of the past – sound easy right?
What can you let go of/forgive/release  today?