Masterpiece Life

Louise Hay and Experience Your Good Now!

I’m just getting ready to take my family
out to the park. Fresh air, exercise and laughter.
I think those 3 simple things alone can pretty
much cure all of the world’s issues. Everything
would work itself out. You would be free to
Experience Your Good Now.
Isn’t it interesting how we pick up programming
form our parents, our culture and the mass
consciousness that blocks feeling
good about ourselves and life?
It’s just part of the journey we are here
to discover and evolve with.
Affirmations are a great way to
reprogram your mind and thoughts. 
The Queen of Affirmations, Louise Hay,
has a new beautiful and powerful new
book out that’s called Experience Your Good Now!
I’ve been reading it and it’s filled with great
exercises that has you look at where those
limiting thoughts have originated and then
moves you into creating a positive thought
or affirmation to reprogram it.
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Here’s how she simply explains affirmations:
“When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean
consciously choosing words that will either help
eliminate something from your life or help create
something new in your life”
-Louise Hay, Experience Your Good Now! page 3
 You are always affirming something. The question
becomes what are you choosing to affirm?
Affirmations are a great way to reprogram your
thoughts and your subconscious mind. They are
also a great tool to show you what limiting beliefs
are still hanging around.
Here’s an example. Say out loud:
“I love and accept myself”, “I am an incredible
person”, “I am loving and loveable”.
Did those affirmations feel good when you said them
out loud or did they bring up discomfort? If they felt
good just keep saying them over and over and watch
how your energy, joy, peace and vitality increases.
If you felt discomfort – perfect!!! That discomfort
is your greatest tool in helping you to look at
what negative beliefs are blocking your peace
and happiness. Give yourself permission to look
at what is making you feel uncomfortable as you
say “I love and accept myself”.
It’s a journey and affirmations are a great tool
of healing and miracles.