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The Reconnection Call with Dr. Gary Schwartz and Doug Devito – Wow!

Well, all I have to say is that whoever thought
that science is boring would definitely have to
change that belief after tonight’s incredible
interview with  Doug DeVito and
Dr. Gary Schwartz on what science is discovering
in The Reconnection frequencies.

Whew!  How’s that for a long sentence.

You  have to listen to the replay!
(as you can see the pushy side of being
a first born is coming out in me!)  😉
You can access it now at:

Congratulations to Jutta. I offered an in-person
or remote Reconnective Healing session. Doug
picked number 333 and Jutta wins the session!

Doug made a very generous surprise offer to all
of the Masterpiece Life community listeners
to get a $100 discount to attend the Mastery
Conference. This drops the price from $399
to only $299!
. Thanks Doug!! I will have details
out to you as soon as the technical side is all set up.

Now here is the part where I get to coerce you to attend
the Live Reconnective Healing training here in Toronto,
Canada with Kelly Woodruff on July 17 &18.

To get all the details go now to:

As you can tell I’m very passionate and excited about
this incredible work.

It’s been a pleasure having you on this conference
series and it’s been a pleasure having the Reconnection
being a part of the Masterpiece Life family. Thank you to
Eric, Kelly, Doug, Gary, Kaille, & Johnathon for making
this possible. And a special thank you to YOU for
listening and contributing.

Sending you love and wishing you a magical day,
Antonia Hagens

PS. Go secure your seat now for July 17 & 18 Toronto
Reconnective Healing training here: