Masterpiece Life

For the Unconditional Love of Money – Part 2

Continued from yesterday… By Tracy Graham

By doing all of this I was able to viscerally experience the
aspects of money that were good feeling. I began to see that
focusing on the positive, good feeling side of the subject of
money is just as valid as focusing on the heavy, lack side of it.
We have a choice as to which aspects of money we give our
focus over to and the aspects that we choose are the ones
that will be drawn into our experience.

Unconditional love is being non resistant to what is. Jesus was
a teacher who spoke of loving your enemies. Debt, for example,
is perceived by many as the enemy, and don’t we usually try to
resist our enemies? But to be in a state of unconditional love
concerning debt you can’t be pushing against it. I, myself,
began to appreciate the credit card companies as those who
gave me freedom to buy what I wanted or needed, when
I wanted it. I also appreciated that they gave me unlimited
time to pay in full. With this new attitude, I went from feeling
the burden of debt to feeling enthusiasm to repay them for,
what I felt was, the generosity and freedom they had extended
to me. Beyond that, I took my attention from the subject almost
completely, paying what I decided I would pay monthly and
then not focusing on it any further. I came to understand that
having debt wasn’t a terrible thing after all nor was it a forever
thing. Debt was only an indicator showing me where I had been
putting the majority of my focus and attention concerning money
and lack, it inspired me to choose a new idea and a new focus.

By purposefully shifting my focus and seeing money and debt
through a lens of unconditional love, I was attempting to deliberately
change my vibration around those subjects. Over time my vibration
did, indeed, shift and evidences began to replicate those shifts of vibration.

“The land that you SEE, that will I give to you as an inheritance.
” What do you see?  Look in the direction of love, you’ll see the land
of plenty there, a land where Resource flows freely.
Now that is an inheritance worthy of you!

Tracy Graham