Masterpiece Life

For the Unconditional Love of Money – Part 1

By Tracy Graham

For the (Unconditional) Love of Money

There is nothing more spiritual than the free flow of Resource
running through our lives and that resource, naturally,
includes money. Most of us, however, tend to build barriers
that hinder that flow from moving freely and continuously
throughout our experience. To remove any barriers and allow
for the flow of  abundance, create an inner environment that is
in harmony with that abundance, one that is free of resistance,
an environment of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is allowing things the freedom to be as they
are with no pushing against, no trying to trying to fix, no trying
to control; love is non resistant. Unconditional love is looking
for the best in, seeing the best of and purposefully placing
your focus there.

For quite some time, the natural flow of money was blocked
within my experience so I decided that I would extend
unconditional love to the idea of money itself.  I began to look
for the best in and see the best of money. I practised
appreciating money; I appreciated its ascetic beauty,
I thought about the fun it inspires and the freedom it allows.
I even started having fun with the idea of money.

Inspired by a picture I saw, I imagined wrapping bundles
of money in brightly coloured bows and giving them to
friends – oh the whimsey of it all! I would purposely
reactivate feelings of plenty by remembering particular
times that I had spent money on things that I wanted,
not concerning myself with the price. I began to, mentally,
face in the direction of plenty of money and speak in the
direction of plenty money.

I learnt to tell the, sometimes subtle, difference between when
I was thinking of money from a place of lack or from a place
of possibility. I set out to achieve a familiarity with feeling
good about money by practising statements I felt no resistance
to, like, “I love to think well of money,” “it feels good to think well of money”,
“I like the idea of money being my friend”, “I want to feel good about
having lots of money”, “I want to feel good about spending money”,
“there is enough for all,” “resources increase in proportion to
the desires set forth.” I participated in talking in light, optimistic
and fun ways about money with people who were on that

… To be continued tomorrow…