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Clarity and Inner Peace Toronto Event June 12 & 13

Clarity and Inner Peace with Franco DeNicola

“Are You Ready For CLARITY
In All Aspects Of Your Life?”

“Imagine truly understanding your life purpose,
what life on this planet is all about, how being
human and the planetary playground really function,
it’s role and the transformation that is taking place,
and how you can enter a

Give us 2 days and we’ll reveal some of the most POWERFUL,
and Rare knowledge, helping you to go beyond
all the made up rules and get right to the heart of things.

This is for everyone – Whether you are beginning your journey
or you have been on this path for a long time. There will be a deeper
What will be shared will transform everyone at some level.
No one will leave the same!

Dear Magnificent One,

Allow yourself to imagine a very early scene from childhood.
Go back to before you had thoughts of not being enough,
or of love being something you had to earn, or before you
ever heard of something called money. Close your eyes and feel it.

You begin to notice that there is no need, no past, no future,
no belief systems, no confusion. You just ARE. You are connected,
you are everything. You are the source of all Possibility. You Are Love.

Now open your eyes. You are back to living in a body on this incredible
planet. It almost feels like a shock to be back. You can now notice the
belief systems, the experiences, and the programming that is keeping
you stuck, confined and limited.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You see you are love.
Being human does not mean that you have to give up
access to that power. We just forget sometimes and allow
things to get in the way.

The reality is, we are free to live a life experience that is
not driven by emotions, reactive responses, belief systems,
limiting programs, rules, and cultural, religious and/or educational
conditioning. Our life experience does not need to involve struggles,
health issues, pain, suffering, fear, limitations, conflicts and lack of ease.

That’s why we have created a very special live event called
“Achieve Clarity & Enter a New World of Inner Peace”

with Franco DeNicola on June 12 & 13, 2010 in Toronto, Canada.

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changing event
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