Masterpiece Life

The Sunbeam’s Epiphany Poem

Alicja Zajac from our community sent me
this beautiful poem that she wrote and I asked
her permission to share it with you.

Enjoy it – I know I did!

The Sunbeam’s Epiphany

The sun rose quietly
And awoke the dawn.
It touched the sleeping
Doe and fawn.

It gently nudged
The mother dove
Who cradled her fledglings
With wings of love.

The sun rose higher
Over the river
Where a dam had been built
By a family of beavers.

A raven flew
Away from its rest
To find food for its young
As they slept in the nest.

Still higher the sun
Climbed over the hills
Its rays touched the roofs
Of a village so still.

A curious sunbeam
Wandered to the sill
Of a sleepy home
Just under the hill.

It peeked into the nursery
Where a mother sat
With her infant child
Upon her lap.

She cuddled her baby
And kissed its brow
And the little sunbeam
Shone brighter somehow.

The father walked in
With flowers in a vase.
“Happy Mother’s Day,” he whispered.
You could not erase

The smile from his beloved.
She shone with pure light.
And the sunbeam understood
How LOVE transforms the night.

“It is Mother Love,” he beamed,
“That calls Father Sun
To return to earth daily
And wake everyone.”

“It is love – pure love
That causes the rebirth
Of the sun, every day
Upon Planet Earth.”

“It is the love that shines
In a Mother’s eyes
And expands in waves
To touch the skies…”

“Where it joins Father Sun
Then enfolds us from above.
Thank you to all Mothers
For your warm, sweet Love!”

© Alicja Zajac Merifield May 2010