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Eric Pearl and The Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl

Eric Pearl, The Reconnection and
Reconnective Healing empowered
my life and my ability to heal.
The Reconnection is a form of energy,
light and information that we believe
are on the planet for the first time.

Dr. Eric Pearl has written a book titled
“The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself”.
The work is all over the world. It is the easiest
and most powerful energy work that I have done. I’m certified in Reiki,
Chi Gong, Theta Healing, Energy Source Connection, Universalis and
many, many more. However, Reconnective Healing is the only form
of energy healing that I now use. I would describe it as a full spectrum of light.

When I connect to it I can feel the energy of the other modalities
and much more. One of the things that I love about it is how
easy it is to use. There is a two day training and that’s it – no more levels,
no upsells, no “You have to take this course now to keep up to date”, etc, etc, etc.
Once you connect and attune to the Reconnective frequencies
you are doing the work at the highest level. And that is exactly
how Eric Pearl teaches it. He lets everyone know that once
you’ve attuned to the frequencies ANYONE can use it to
facilitate healing for others. In fact it’s so simply that my
children took the training at age 7 and 5. The adult training
is 2 days, child training is 2 hours (gotta love it!)

If you are searching for a tool that you can use in your everyday
life, The Reconnection is definitely it.
Because of this I am sponsoring their workshop
in Toronto this July 17 & 18, 2010.
To get more details on the event go to:

I also love that they are having a lot of scientific research
done on the work so that it can be better understood and
accepted by everyone.

Anyone and I mean ANYONE can do this work.

Here is one of the interviews that I’ve done
with Eric Pearl.

Eric Pearl – The Essence of Healing:

Here is my webpage for information on the July Toronto event: