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Achieve Clarity & Enter a New World of Inner Peace

Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola

I’m so excited about a new life changing program
that I am putting together with my wonderful friend
Franco DeNicola that I just had to tell you about it right away.

It’s called:
Achieve Clarity & Enter a New World of Inner Peace
Truly understand and embrace your humanity and
purpose at this time, to shift into the oneness and peace

This will be a live event here in Toronto, Canada
June 12 &13 (more details to follow at a later date).

We are going to have two free preview calls.
Whether or not you can make the June event
you will want to be on this call:

Tuesday, May 18, 2pm Eastern
Tuesday, May 18, 9pm Eastern

Register now ==>

Why two calls? Because a large part of our
community is around the world and we want
to make the information available to EVERYONE!!

Each call will be a live preview call.
Attend one or both!! Although the topic
will be the same for both calls – namely
“Achieve Clarity and Enter a New World of
Inner Peace” the calls will most likely vary
depending on the questions that are
submitted by participants.

Register ==>

Register for “Achieve Clarity & Enter a New World of
Inner Peace” and then go directly to the Q&A section
and enter your questions about achieving clarity and
inner peace in your life now.


PS. These calls are for you if you are ready for
a deep level of conversation to truly understand,

you, your purpose and shifting into a peace consciousness.