Masterpiece Life

Your Thoughts Create Your World

Your thoughts create your world. You’ve probably
heard this before. I just watched “What the Bleep: Down
the Rabbit Hole” this weekend and I was once again
reminded of the incredible science that is now being
done to show what we already know – “Your thought’s
create your world.”

The next question to logically follow is what are we
thinking of? How much time do you spend focusing
your thoughts on the life that you do want to create
versus on the life that you don’t want to create?
By this I’m not referring to the “stuff” the houses,
the cars, the things that we’ve been told will make you
happy. I’m here to tell you that they won’t.
Yes, they are beautiful, and yes you do deserve
them and you have every right to have them in your
life. If that becomes what life is about then you will
not find happiness.

Materialism has become a tool used to keep up
the illusion of separation. There is nothing wrong
with wanting to have beautiful material things in
your life. Of course you deserve them. Law of
Attraction is not about creating the “stuff” in
your life.

In order for us to create a world of
peace we will need to choose to let materialism go.
For too long we have made it the driving force of
the western world. It has served its purpose
beautifully, everything has. Now it’s time to ”
make conscious choices of how we want our
world to be.