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Being an Enlightened Mom

Terri Amos-Britt

Terri Amos-Britt

I’ve just recently met Terri Amos- Britt and
wow is she on fire for moms!!! She is
passionate about helping moms all
over the world lighten their load so
they can experience more joy for
themselves and their families.

To do this she has created a wonderful
site called The Enlightened Mom .

Membership is totally F.R.E.E. and comes with videos and lots of information
to get you started experiencing more love and less stress in your life
everyday no matter what your circumstances.  You see, Terri has
lived so many configurations of the “mom” story. She had been there,
done that for just about all of them.  She is the perfect person to
provide real support for moms of all circumstances.

Terri is a life coach and author, and shares her experiences
as a working mom, an “at home” mom, a single mom when
her first husband passed away, a newlywed mom, a step-mom,
a mom on a mission, and a business building mom.

Terri has done it all and done it with grace, but life wasn’t
always so graceful and love-filled for Terri. There was a time
in her life when she felt more anger than peace, more resentment
than gratitude, more struggle than connection with herself and
her family.  What she longed for was an experience of peace,
love and connection.  Not just on “special days” but every day.

Then, Terri made a conscious decision to lighten up, to figure
out why she felt so empty and so angry and to shift it once and for all.
This is the gift she now brings to you through the Enlightened Mom,
and it comes with my highest recommendation: