Masterpiece Life

Response to Spirituality, Peace & Money

Thank you for your responses to Sunday’s post on
Spirituality and Peace and of course – money.

Money is a very interesting tool to experience life with.
It is simply energy yet we have all collectively decided
to give so much power. It’s very easy to see how that happens
as we live in a world where money is needed to meet our daily
basic necessities – food, shelter, transportation, clothing, etc.
I believe that it will serve as one of the greatest tools of our
transformations into creating a world of peace and joy.
Not by what money can buy or create – thinking this way
is still of an old paradigm that was co-created a long time ago.

I believe that money is and will be a tool for transformation
because it has us deal with the bigger question of how do we
co-create a world where the basics are covered for all, a world
that allows each individual to share their gifts with others without
fear of being valued or not or considered necessary or not.

I do see a world in my meditations that is very different for our
current reality. When I see this world (and I know many of you
see it as well) it fills me with a peace and joy so
incredible that nothing I feel today can even compare to it.
When I see this world I am at Source with all that is. It feels so
incredible that coming back into this reality is shocking. When I am
there ( in this possible future) I always ask it to show me how I can
assist myself and others to make it our reality. Like most of you I am
very much into “give me everyday practical tools that I can use”.
Sometimes when I am there I get bits of information passed on to me
but mostly what I hear over and over is “All is well, let go”
“Let  go of what?” I ask. I am then shown a majestic tree being blown
in the wind. The branches are bending but nothing breaks.

Money is a tool for our collective transformation not because
of what it can buy or make happen but more because it currently is
keeping the illusion that we are separate alive.  This illusion is what
we all need to wake up from. This programming/illusion that we
are separate. What is currently happening and will happen around money
is just the tool to wake us up. Money will activate different buttons
within each one of us. The faster we clear these “buttons” the sooner
money will have done what it is meant to do and will lose its importance.
Your answer is inside you, my answer is in me and, there are many
teachers and beautiful souls that will guide each one of us along the way.

So for now yes, I still have buttons that money is activating. Some of them
are from this life time; some of them are so very old. We all have them.
Money is simply a program that we accepted into our human brain.
I have accepted it as a tool that shows me what is remaining to be cleared.
In identifying and clearing the old paradigm of beliefs, I meet guides
along the way that make the process more interesting.

What I know is that we are transforming our world, daily.
I love you and I thank you for being here.

Please let me know how you feel.