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Earth Day – Let’s Heal Today

Let’s celebrate Earth Day and make it a
day of healing. It’s what we need in order
to heal our planet with all of it’s beautiful
animal and plant life. Healing starts with
ourselves and then healing can occur on
the earth. Let’s make this happen starting
today, Earth Day.

There is a very powerful system of energy,
light and information passed on to Eric Pearl
that I believe will greatly assist not only YOU
in your life, but also the planet.

Join Dr. Eric Pearl, Kelly Woodruff, Doug DeVito
Dr. Gary Schwartz and myself as we reveal
to you how simple and effective healing can be.

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Plus to keep it fun, there will be a surprise gift
giveaway to one of the call participants.
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PS. Happy Earth Day, I’m sending you a powerful
beam of white light, energy & information.
Let’s all heal together!