Masterpiece Life

Spirituality – One Step at a Time

What is spirituality or becoming spiritual? It seems
to have almost become a buzzword today. Spirituality
is accepting that we are all one. Spirituality is recognizing
that we are spirit energy living in a body on the planet.
Spirituality is waking up to the fact that there is more
to life than just eat, sleep work and then you die.

Becoming spiritual is simply the act of stepping out of
the boundaries of this religion versus that religion. Becoming
spiritual is about removing the barriers that your culture
is better or worse than mine. Spirituality is waking up
to the realization that there is a power within you that
is greater than anything else because it is part of everything
else. That’s the first step – waking up. Then one step at a time
you discover and release the layers of limiting belief that
have held you prisoner from you truly accessing this
power within you.

Spirituality is not just for those who decide to spend their
days living on a mountain top contemplating live and
existence. Spirituality is the day to day living of your life.
One step at a time you release the beliefs and experiences
that are constantly occupying your mind and preventing
you from creating at a truly conscious level.

When one by one, you begin to remove your limiting beliefs
that sound something like: “I’m not good enough”, “There is
something wrong with me and my life”, “I’m not lovable”,
“I’m not smart enough”, and on and on it goes, then you
truly get to see what a powerful creator you are.

That’s all spirituality is. Waking up, then actively removing
the blockages and the illusions that would have you believe
that we are separate and that you aren’t powerful.

Tomorrow I’ll walk you through a powerful process
that will assist you to do this.