Masterpiece Life

Dare to Dream, Imagine and Play

Imagine your ideal scene. What would you
be doing? Why would you be doing it?
What’s driving you to want that?

In a recent interview with Marc Allen he
talks about dreaming the ideal scene:

Marc Allen

“Think of it as something you’re playing with.
It’s not another heavy work obligation you’ll
lay on yourself it’s a wonderful thing to play
with. To me it’s the best use of your time, it’s far
better than watching another rerun of Cheers
on TV or something.

Instead of just kicking back for passive
entertainment, play with possibilities.
A wonderful little trick I discovered about 10 years ago came from
Lynedra Carroll, who is Jewel’s (the singer) mother and former manager.
She wrote a beautiful book that we published called The Architecture
of All Abundance
and the single thing she did over and over with Jewel
and in planning and implementing Jewel’s career was she would take a
piece of paper and put what-if at the top.

Then, for any given idea, say we’re looking at our own ideal scene,
for instance or our own dream life, whatever we dream of doing.
If something doesn’t immediately rush to mind, then take another
sheet of paper and put what-if and start brainstorming on many possibilities.

She even encourages people to try to write 12 what-ifs, whether
they’re looking at their career or at a specific problem. I’ve done
this many times but have never gotten more than eight;
I usually get four or five.

She encourages people to do 12 what-ifs and that will really
open your creative brainstorming possibilities, so play with
it and don’t take life so seriously. The truly creative people
I know have a certain child-like playfulness about what they’re
doing and it is a matter of trying to choose and go for that thing you love.

When you do it’s true, fears come in. They say every moment we
have a choice and the choice is between love and fear, which is
another essential thing. Every feeling we have is either based on love or fear
and we can choose to love. Therefore, we can choose to do what we
love or to go for what we love and to play with stuff.

Its worthwhile doing that, so dare to dream, imagine and play.
Think of what-ifs and throw out ideas that might be ridiculous or
10 minutes later you might say that’s a ridiculous idea, but it opens
you up to be able to brainstorm and play with it.
Don’t take life so seriously.”