Masterpiece Life

Breaking Free From Time

Why have we given so much power to time?
For most of us it runs our lives, yet we are not
even aware of this. I have spent the last two weeks
in a state of awareness of my concepts and beliefs
on time. Today it felt like I was peeling an outer
skin off as I came to a new understanding and
experience of time.

This new level of awareness started with the work that I have
been doing with Marc Allen and Franco DeNicola. With Franco
we are in the process of translating his knowledge and
information into a way that can assist you right now with
what is happening in your life. It’s a big picture of what
is possible for humanity once more people wake up
to the inner power we each have inside. I know a
new reality is possible, now we need to assist others
to see, feel, taste and experience it as well.

Marc Allen has truly inspired me to create a possibility
in my daily living where my personal, business, family,
friends, health and healing experience all take place
“In an easy and relaxed manner; and in a healthy and
positive way. In its own perfect time, for the highest good of all.”

“In an easy and relaxed manner; in its own perfect time.”
I’ve said those words hundreds of times over the past
two weeks. Doing this has enabled me to see the contrast
of where things are not “in an easy & relaxed manner”.
I noticed that when I get up at 6:15am to get the children
out of bed and ready for school I’m already hitting the
ground running. I then keep telling the children to “hurry up!!”
as I don’t want them to miss the 7am school bus. I was
creating a state of anxiety for myself and for them. More
importantly, I was programming myself and them that
“time is running out” and “we have to hurry”.

My days are very full – just like you – and there
are daily living things that just have to get done.
What I’ve noticed as I keep saying those words
(“In an easy and relaxed manner; in a healthy and
positive way; in its own perfect time; for the
highest good of all”), is that the anxiety and
self-imposed pressure of time dissolves.

Today I released an old paradigm of time.
I cleared a huge weight off. I feel more grounded,
clear and purposeful. I wish this for you too.

Try this today. Keep repeating throughout your day:

“In an easy and relaxed manner; in a healthy and positive
way; in its own perfect time; for the highest good of all.”

Notice what contrast comes up for you.
Let me know what you experience in the comments area below.