Masterpiece Life

Personal Growth and Meditation

Each life is a masterpiece. Each person will chose
to live their lives differently and we are each on a
journey where our soul is choosing to grow.
Most people will describe their lives these days
as being very busy and very hectic.
Hey – I know my life is!

In this current crazy whirlwind pace of life
I find that the biggest personal growth and ability
to access inner peace happens when we are able to
be still and listen. To you that may sound over
simplified – personal growth takes place in the stillness?
Yes it does.

When we are able to take some time to be still and just
listen we are working the muscle of connecting to our
Source, the Universe or God – whichever term you are
more comfortable with. In the bible it says,
“Be still and know that I am God”.

Action is important and being still and listening it vital.
Inner peace can only be accessed by being still and listening.
If you are like me, your days are filled with many activities.
I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a business owner and a healer.
Each one of those roles require actions to be taken each day.
I find that taking some time for “just me”, time to be still and listen,
is one of most powerful practices that I can do for my
personal growth and inner peace.

I know you have heard of meditation before and I’m here
to tell you that it is just a word that means “being still and
listening”. There are as many forms of meditation and there
are people on this earth. You don’t have to do it anyone else’s
way other than your own.

Here are some examples of how I meditate to access
inner peace and keep creating the masterpiece that I call life:

1. Taking a walk by myself
2. Staring at a tree in deep appreciation
3. Holding my child’s hand as we walk together
4. Giving a friend a heartfelt hug
5. Sitting at a park and just watching children playing
6. Briefly closing my eyes during the day and taking a deep breath
7. Listening to beautiful music that makes my heart sing
8. Listening to birds singing
9. Enjoying the time that I spend with a good friend
10. Closing my eyes, while sitting at my desk and breathing
deeply before I begin to write…

Do you get the picture? You are meditating in many ways already.
You may just not be conscious of it.

Let me know in the comments area below how you meditate.