Masterpiece Life

Masterpiece Life – Yours and Mine

“Your life was created to be a Masterpiece!” What does that mean?
To me it means that you were not born to suffer and fix things.
You were born to experience this Masterpiece called Life.
You are alive. You are spirit in a body on this planet called earth.
You are having experiences just like me. Some of them we label
as good some of them we label as bad or undesired. Yet, we all
share this thing called Life.

In living you are creating your life’s masterpiece. Life is a masterpiece.
We are each creative geniuses. We are each creating our lives one
instant at a time. We are all masters and creators.

The question is, “What Masterpiece are you choosing to create?”
Not that there are masterpieces that are better than others.
No. Each masterpiece is perfect, each life is perfect.
Imagine taking a paint brush and dipping it in a container
of blue paint and then letting that paintbrush glide
effortlessly over your page. What are you creating with it?

We do this, mostly unconsciously, every day.
Let’s now make it a conscious habit to purposefully
create your life.  How?

Awareness is always the first step. Become aware of
your thoughts. Where are those thought’s taking you?
Where have they come from? Where did you first
hear them? Who is speaking them in your mind?
Is it your parents? Is it your teachers? Is it a friend?
Is it a class mate? Is it a family member? Is it your religious
leader? This is not to make them or anybody wrong.
They were doing the best that they could with all
of their thoughts and emotions raging in them as well.
The point is that it’s time to take back that paint
brush and consciously create your Masterpiece
the way that you want it instead of letting someone
else’s experiences and belief’s drawn on your canvass.

I find it amazing that after so many years of being
aware of this and putting it into practice I still get
caught in the emotion of the moment.  When you listen
to the thought’s living in your head you realize that
“Wow!! There are some pretty negative tenants here,
and they are costing me a  hefty price – my life!”

You are the creator of your masterpiece. I am creating mine.
Together we create our world. You are the masterpiece.
Start by waking up and becoming aware of your thoughts.
Follow those thoughts to where they originated.
Acknowledge the originator and then release them and you.
Tell it “I set you free. You no longer have power over me.”
Now chose the new thought that will create the life
that you deserve.