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QiGong for Releasing Physical Pain

I’m sure that you know that your posture and the tightness or relaxation of your muscles affects the status of your health!
Question is – would you like to easily learn how to self correct so that you can easily re-align yourself when ever you need it?
If so, be sure to register and join Sifu James this weekend for QiGong Level 2 Structure! Click here for full information.
Let’s face it, when you or someone you love is in physical pain, nothing else gets done!
I started out my journey of being a healer with first becoming a nutritionist, then as I worked with different clients’ health issue I quickly realized that I needed to learn how to release pain in the body that was caused by structural mis-alignments. Since I was not in a position to go back to school and become a chiropractor, I quickly searched out and learned fast and effective modalities and techniques to align the body and thereby reduce pain or simply get rid of it all together.
QiMatic QiGong is one of those extremely effective techniques to immediately reduce pain in the body.
Join us this weekend (March 4 and 4, 2017)as Sifu James teaches you how to identify and easily correct the structural issues that are causing you pain in your body.
In this intensive, fun and hands on program you will learn how to identify and correct structure issues in the body that are causing acute and chronic pain.
Whether you are interested in learning for your own knowledge or to assist others, this is a great program to better understand your body and to learn all the great short cuts to healing that Sifu James is always best know for!!!
Click here to find out the full details and to register!