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Month 28 Update on Energy Paper Experiment

Hi Amazing One!

Twenty eight months ago I started the rice and energy paper experiment. As you can see the results completely speak for themselves!

Sifu James Foo was guided to come up with the Energy Paper back in March of 2014. We have been working with it since then and it has become an integral and easy to use part of Sifu James Foo’s teachings.  We are always speaking about the numerous uses for the Energy Paper in everyday life.  For me using and commanding with 528 frequencies is the foundation of everything I do.  The Energy Paper holds the frequency of 528 – Love – the most powerful place to create and heal from. As you can see from this rice experiment, the rice with the Energy Paper is still in the same state as when I cooked and bottled it 28 months ago.  The without the Energy Paper has decomposed.

I use the Energy Paper on my water jug every day to transform the water I use to drink and cook food for my family.  If you have been on any of the monthly Energy Transmissions that I host with Sifu James you will know that we always first start off by bringing everyone up to the frequency of 528. You can easily access any of the previous Energy Transmissions here.

If you are new to the Energy Paper you can download it and listen to an instructional audio here.

Our world is going though a rapid change.  Sometimes it feels like everything is crazy and going out of control.  The use of the Energy Paper and 528 frequencies has been one of the most powerful tools that I currently use to stay grounded and centered for whatever flows to me in life.  I lovingly and highly recommend you use it!

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Sending you love and wishing you a magical day!