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Clearing Harmful Radiation

It seems everywhere you turn you are bombarded with sources of harmful radiation: cell phones, computers, wifi, smart meters, cell towers and on and on …

We know that harmful radiation can cause multiple disruptions in the body leading to issues such as depression, ADD, hormone interference, cancers and much more. I believe that it is one of the leading causes of so much ill health.  What is not discussed is the fact that cell phone radiation disrupts DNA.  This is of course a big concern considering that children younger than ten years old are now carrying cell phones and are constantly using them.  Technology and devices like cell phones are here to stay.  They have totally changed how we do things and allows you to connect with me over the internet just like we are doing right now.  It’s made so many things possible and we are not about to just throw them out.  The question becomes, how do we protect our bodies from strong harmful radiation?

This is what Sifu James Foo and I will discussing during a very special and much needed Energy Transmission on Clearing Harmful Radiation.

Be sure to join Sifu James Foo and myself for a very important energy transmission.

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Clearing Harmful Radiation, Energy Transmission by Sifu James Foo.

Part 1:  What is harmful radiation and why it effects you?
Part 2:  Clearing Harmful Radiation Energy Transmission
Part 3:  Comments and Feedback


Title: Clearing Harmful Radiation
Date & Time: Tuesday, March 24th at 9:00pm Eastern

To attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 171508#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

Check here for a full list of local dial in Numbers.

Click here to attend via webcast.

Please note that this is a silent Energy Transmission. If you arrive late and hear only silence then it is because we have already begun.  Sit back and simply allow yourself to receive.

***For maximum benefits please be on the call on time! Sifu James will energetically collect and connect to all those who are on the call and continue to work with you throughout the Clearing Harmful Radiation Energy Transmission.