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Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 11

energy paper rice month 11

It’s now been 11 months and the result of Sifu James Foo’s Energy Paper and Rice experiment is as incredible as ever! Back in March 2014, we had just started experimenting with Sifu James’ Energy Paper.  Those of us who were using the Energy Paper were sleeping better, releasing headaches, releasing body pain and generally feeling more peaceful. The Energy Paper was created by Sifu James Foo to assist you to raise your energy to 528hz.  This is a very powerful energy level at which the DNA can be repaired.

We were discussing how the Energy Paper assists to restore DNA to it’s original vibrant state when I had the idea to try out an experiment.  I cooked some extra basmati rice one night for dinner and then put five tablespoons of rice each into two glass jars.  On one jar I wrapped the Energy Paper around it.  On the other jar I wrapped it with a plain piece of paper. Every month (well, almost every month) I take a picture and post it up for all to see how the experiment is progressing.  As you can see from this month’s photo the results continue to be spectacular!  It’s also important to know that when I started the experiment it was with an open “Let’s see what happens” attitude as I did not want to influence the outcomes.

The Energy Paper is freely offer to all by clicking here.  Please be sure to listen to the audio explaining how to best use it.
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If you are in the Toronto area I highly encourage you to join Sifu James Foo for his revised and updated Qi Gong Level 1 workshop on March 28 and 29, 2015.  Actually, it’s more like a FUNshop as Sifu James Foo is not only incredibly gifted and generous he is also wonderfully funny!!!  Click here for more details on the Qi Gong Level 1 workshop.