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Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 10

energy paper rice month 10

The Rice and Energy Paper Experiment continues.  We are now in month ten.  The energy that is carried by Sifu James’ Energy Paper continues to assist the rice to stay as white as the day I first placed it in the jar.  The rice without the assistance of the Energy Paper continues to decay.  You can easily access all the information you need on how to download and use the Energy Paper by clicking here.  The instructions have now been translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, Persian and Czechoslovakian for your convenience.

Many use the Energy Paper to feel more at peace, relieve pain, assist with deeper meditation and feel more in the moment or now no matter what is taking place around them.  The Energy Paper is assisting the repair the DNA so that the rice (living organism) does not fall into decay.  The intent of the Energy Paper is to assist you to rise to a vibration of 528Hz – a powerful state from which healing takes place.