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Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 9

energy paper rice month 9

Hello Amazing One,

The Rice and Energy Paper Experiment continues.  It is now month 9 and Sifu James’ Foo’s Energy Paper continues to assist the rice to not fall into decay.

2015 will be a year in preparation for the Fifth Dimension Energies that will be starting to arrive in early spring.  For many, that will bring changes.  It’s time to release the old and create the new.  Sifu James’ Energy Paper can be of great assistance.  Please be sure to listen to the audio that we created on how to best use it.  Click here to go there now.  As I’ve stated before, this is not a quick fix or a cure all, however, it is a powerful tool to assist you during these times of great change.  We are all on a great journey.  Each one of us has an unique experience to create.  The Energy Paper can be a tool of great assistance to help you to feel more at peace as you move forward.

Please do send me your feedback and experiences with the Energy Paper as Sifu James is always making changes to assist as many as possible.