Masterpiece Life

You Can Heal Your Life – Part 3

I know that I have talked about this before and I
believe it is important to talk about it again.

In You Can Heal Your Life Part 1 we talked
about becoming aware of your thoughts,
becoming the observer. In Part 2 we looked
at where a limiting belief came from and I
showed you a very powerful and simple
way to remove that limiting belief. Let’s
now fill it with a belief of your choice.

Affirmations are simply positive statements.
You’ve been cleaning out some of those beliefs
that no longer work for you so now fill
that space with words of your choice.

First you need to know that this is a habit like
anything else. I recommend doing it daily and
writing them all over the place so that you
submerge yourself in this new programming.
In the beginning your mind may resist it or
say “Yeah right, do you really think this is
going to work?”

Here’s a very powerful lesson I’ve learned from
Marc Allen. Tell yourself  – this is an experiment.
When your mind goes crazy say “Thank you for
sharing, this is an experiment and I’m testing
this out.” The, go back to your affirmation.

You mind was designed to protect you. There
is no sense in shutting in down or fighting with
it. Just tell it – “OK thanks for doing your job,
and I’m experimenting.”

Create your own affirmations. They can be as
simple as “I’m learning to love and accept myself
more and more each day”.

Here is one that I enjoy saying each day:

“In an easy and relaxed manner and in a
healthy and positive way my life is filled
with prosperity, peace, joy, laughter and
love . I assist others in perfect time for the
highest good of all. Miracles will follow miracles,
and wonders will never cease for all my endeavours
are for good.”

Write your affirmation out right now.