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Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 8

energy paper rice month 8

It has now been eight months since I started the Rice and Energy Paper Experiment.  As you can see from the new month eight image,  the Energy Paper is continuing to assist the rice to remain whole.  For those of you who are new to my fun little experiment with Sifu James Foo’s Energy Paper and rice, you can look back over the previous months to see the progress.  Click here for Month Four.  Click here for Month Five,  click here for Month Six and click here for Month Seven.  Unfortunately I was too busy and forgot to take pictures of months one, two and three.

Sifu James Foo created the Energy Paper to assist you to raise your vibration and to better facilitate healing.  Why is this important right now?  Humanity and the planet are on a journey of great change.  The Energy Paper will assist you to quickly go back to a more neutral state so that, as issues and challenges arise, you can be in a clearer and more neutral state to make your decisions.

Many have also reported great assistance with physical healings, sleeping better, feeling more peaceful, feeling more grounded, reduced pain, and better mobility while they use or wear the paper.  Click here to easily access and download the  Energy Paper.  The Energy Paper is not a “quick fix” or a  “one cure fits all”.  It is however, a powerful and great gift to assist you to clear out the denser energy, confusion or pain that is blocking you from addressing the underlying issues in your journey of self healing and self remembering.  My children (ages 13, 11 and 8) come up to me and specifically ask me for an Energy Sticker every time they have a test or a stressful day ahead of them at school.  When I then ask them how their day or test went they always seem to say “it was easy!”.  Does this mean that the Energy Paper will solve all your problems?  No.  However, it is a powerful tool that when used correctly is of great assistance!