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Liver Qi Gong Energy Transmission to Release Anger

Time to release anger this month!  Are you feeling buried anger coming up for you to look at?  Unresolved anger can get stored in the liver and can lead to many health issues.  At times, a little bit of anger can assist us to get started or move into action.  However, when anger gets stored up it will eventually cause health issues.  Looking at your anger when it comes up and tracing it back to where it come from, what thought, belief, or memory ignited it, is a great tool to start letting it go.

Join Sifu James Foo on Tuesday, November 11th as we assist to clear out anger from the liver.

Here are your call details:

Liver Qi Gong Energy Transmission to Release Anger
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 11th at 9:00pm Eastern

Attend by Phone:
(425) 440-5100, Guest pin code: 171508#

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Click here to attend via the webcast.

Part 1 will be a brief explanation.  Part 2 will be the Liver Energy Transmission.  Please note that Sifu James’ Energy Transmissions are silent.  If you arrive late on the call and do not hear any noise it is because we have already started.  Sit back, close your eyes, relax and allow yourself to open up and receive.  I highly recommend that you be there at the start of the Energy Transmission as Sifu James will energetically gather all present to work on them during the session.