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Viruses and the Ebola Scare with Terry Bell

There is a lot of fear being created by the Ebola virus scare.  I’m won’t get into all the details of why I believe this is being purposefully created to keep humanity in fear (think of SARS, Bird Flu and all the others).  It seems that every year about this time there is an “epidemic” of some sort that is unleashed upon humanity in order to keep us afraid.  Please remember that as long as fear does not exist, humanity can not be controlled to the extent that it is and has been. I stopped watching television or listening regular media at least fifteen years ago.  Once you purposefully remove yourself from all that fear-mongering you very quickly notice all the predictable patterns – create a crisis that engenders a massive outcry and then, of course, provide the solution.  This is exactly what is being done with Ebola.  I’m not saying that Ebola does not exist.  I am saying that like every other virus, there is a cure in nature.  Expecting governments and medical agencies  to provide a solution will always keep us separate from each other and from our bodies.  It keeps us dependent on others for our health and renders you powerless.

We have been easily encouraged to forget that our bodies were created to heal.  We are lead to believe that unless we have their solution/drug/vaccine/law/war, etc (you fill in the blank) we will die and humanity will perish.  Not so!  I believe that the Incredible Intelligence that co-created our bodies designed it to heal and gave us the wisdom to search for solutions.  We have nature that is filled with every possible cure for any illness humanity experiences – if we are willing to listen, search, learn and share.

This is why this Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 9:00pm Eastern herbalist Terry Bell is joining me as we look at Viruses and the Ebola Scare – How to NOT Fear Viruses.  Perfect timing for the “flu” season and all things virus related.

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Viruses and the Ebola Scare with Terry Bell – How to NOT Fear Viruses

Date & Time: Thursday, October 30th at 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, 6:00pm Pacific

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