Masterpiece Life

You Can Heal Your Life – Part 2

Now that you are becoming aware of your thoughts,
you now have the power to chose different thoughts.

Let’s walk through an example of this. When I say “money”,
what is the first thought that comes to your mind?
Is it something like, “It’s always such a struggle”,
or is it something more like, “There is so much
money to go around and I always receive the perfect
amount that I need.” I bring up the example of money
because most people feel that if they just had enough money
for ______ (you fill in the blank), that my life would
be healed, all would be perfect.

What’s your immediate thought or sentence that runs in
your head when it comes to money? Be open and be
honest with yourself. Say that sentence out loud.
Now close your eyes and let yourself see when you
first believed it. Create a movie out of it. Who was
there? What were they wearing? What were they
doing? What were you doing? What was being said?
What happened?

Now look at yourself at the age you were then.
Look at the person or people you were interacting with.
What do you think was going on for them when
they said those words? What was going on for
you when you said those words? Can you see that
those words had no power over you then? Can you
see that you can chose to release those words so
that they no longer have power over you now?

See the situation, see the words and say out loud:

“I now release you and command you to the sun to
be re-polarized for the highest good of all. I am
light and I command this now.”

Take a deep breath and notice how you feel.
Keep doing this for any other memories
associated with that event. Do this until
you feel lighter.

I have used the example of money but you
can use this for any other area of your life –
health, relationships, career, fears, etc.

Keep clearing them out.