Masterpiece Life

You Can Heal Your Life

Life is a series of experiences that take place.
I believe that we have pre-chosen them for
our own growth.

“No way!” you say. There is absolutely no way
that I would have chosen the current state of
my finances (or lack thereof), my health,
my relationships, my family, my job, and on
and on.

Yes you have chosen them. We have all chosen
our path. Along the way we always have choices.
Those choices will lead to other choices. Those
choices will change the direction of your path.
You always have the power to heal your life.
Whether you call it healing your life or waking
up to who you really are doesn’t matter. It is
a different way of saying the same thing.

You can heal your life! There are many wonderful
teachers to show you what has worked for
them. You are unique. Your journey, your
experience of life is like no one else’s
experience. Here are some insights from
my experience and what has worked
for me.

The first step is always awareness or
“waking up”. What does that mean?
It means that you become aware that
you are not a victim of your life.
You become aware of the thoughts and
conversations taking place in your mind.
You are not your mind. Your mind does
not control you. Once you start to notice what
conversations and thought are creating your
life you now have the power to change them.

Many are completely unaware that the thoughts
in the mind are separate from you. Most can’t even
catch the thoughts. Spend just one hour listening to
your thoughts. Write them down just so that you can
see how you have been creating your life. From here
you now have the power of choice. How do you want
your thoughts to be going forward? How do you want
you life to be. Are you ready to give up being a victim.
Can you now start being the observer?

Once you become the observer you have detached from
just being your mind. You can now say to yourself.
“Wow! What an interesting thought. Where does it come
from? I know that who I really am inside is The Universe.
I am love, I am all possibilities, I am peace, I am joy.”
So, if you are all these things, then where are those limiting
thoughts coming from?

All limitation comes from Ego. Ego is a very old program.
At one time it had a purpose. It is now time to remove
that old program and move onto something far more
powerful. You start this by realizing that you are not your
mind, you are not your thoughts. When a limiting thought
enters notice it. That is the first step to healing your life.
This may sound too simplistic but it’s not. It the beginning
of taking back your power, it’s the beginning of healing
your life.

I’ll continue tomorrow with the next step to
healing your life. In the meantime let me know
what allowed you to “wake up” and become