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Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 6

energy paper rice month 6

Time for our monthly update on the Rice and Energy Paper Experiment – apparently it’s the only time I get to appear “cool” in my children’s eyes as opposed to just going on and on about Peace, Love and Oneness!  😉

We are now at month 6 of our experiment.  As you can see the results continue to speak for themselves. The Energy Paper was created by Sifu James Foo to assist humanity to come up to the frequency of 528hz.  At 528hz DNA repairs itself. As you can see from the picture above, the rice with the Energy Paper surrounding it is still as white as the first day I cooked and and put it in the jar.  The rice with just the plain paper is decomposing.  Just a reminder that I did not set any intent when doing this experiment other than just being open to see what could happen.

The Energy Paper is freely available for you to download.  Click here to download it now.  Please make sure you read the instructions first before using it.  Thanks to the incredible work of the Masterpiece Life community members, the instructions have now been translated into French, Portuguese, Persian and Czechoslovakian.

I also recommend making Energy Water with the paper.  To make Energy Water simply use a glass bottle or jug (I use an old Brita water jug), print an Energy Paper, attach it to the bottle or jug so that the numbers are facing the water – as if the water is reading the numbers.  To clean or improve the quality of the water leave the water in the container for 15 minutes.  To create Energy Water to assist with healing, leave the water in the container for 1 hour.  I have been using Energy Water since March 2014.  I drink a lot of teas and I would have to clean out my water kettle every month with vinegar to remove the calcium and mineral build up in the kettle.  Since I have been making and using Energy Water I have not needed to clean out the water kettle at all.  The kettle is completely clean inside with no residue.

For those of you in the Toronto area there is a Qi Gong Level 1 Intensive with Sifu James Foo on October 18 and 25, 2014. Click Here to register and get all the details.