Masterpiece Life

Clearing Out Entities

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

You are spirit living in a body on a planet.
You are pure energy.

I am by no means the first person to tell you this.
There are many teachers and even movies now that
speak of this. Even the scientific community, via the
language of Quantum Physics, now openly speak
and researches this.

If we agree that you are spirit, or let’s call it energy,
in a body then it would be very limiting to assume that
you are the only form of energy/spirit. There are many
different vibrations of energy with us on this beautiful
planet we call earth. Some, as you may have heard, are
called entities.

What is an entity? An entity is very simply another form
of energy. Some may call it a spirit, a ghost or lost soul.
They are here with us – whether you can see them or not;
whether you believe it or not.

This is not a topic I would normally be writing about but
I’ve been having so many conversations with people about
it lately that I feel it’s time to talk about it.

We are all spirit/energy/soul. Once we complete this experience
on this planet we return back to the pure source of life energy
that we all come from. We are drawn back to the light from which
we have some from.

Sometimes for a variety of reason, a soul/entity does not
complete that journey back to the light. It remains lost
here on this plane of existence we call life on earth.
Some may not be ready to leave because they feel that
they have left something incomplete. They can be anywhere
although they tend to be in higher concentrations around
hospitals and cemeteries.

Your job is to send them back to the light.
First know this: YOU ARE LIGHT!!
There is nothing more powerful than you,
and nothing and no one has power over you
unless you allow it.

Here are some of the signs I have experience
that signal to me that an entity is hanging around:
– a sudden chill
-a sudden feeling of heaviness or anxiety
– feeling like the room I’m in has become heavy and dim
– strange uncharacteristic and sudden behaviour in my children
– a feeling of being very drained
– a heaviness in my chest making it difficult to take a deep breath.

There are many more signs that an entity is with you.
The above are just some of my experience so that
you can notice a pattern in your behaviour.

So now you think you may have entities around you.
Now what? Let me repeat this again:
YOU ARE LIGHT!!!! There is nothing more powerful
than who you really are. Nothing. No entity has any
power over you – no matter what you think.

Once you are aware, your job is to now send them packing!
This is what I say to clear them out:

“I bind you, release you and command you to the sun:
where you are to be re-polarized for the highest good of all.
I am light and I command this now!”

Use this often in your day when you “feel or hear something strange”.

Let me know what you experience and what changes
for you once you do this by commenting below.