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Many Teachers, Are They All Needed?

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

There are so many wonderful teachers now.
There seems to be more teachers than ever before.
Are they needed? Why is there more people
teaching about spirituality and self growth
than ever before? Are people just out to take
your money away?

The fact that there is an incredible increase in the
number of people teaching
is a great indicator that we are living in times
of great change. We have all come here with specific
gifts to contribute to each other.  Each one of us
is unique and yet the same. You have unique capabilities
that I may not have and I have other capabilities that
you may not have. We are each different. What we
are drawn to is different. The way we learn is different.
The way we listen is different.

As the awareness and consciousness of our planet
shifts, so too, do the teachings. We will each be drawn
to different teachers. They are all here to assist us
and we are here to assist them. There is no greater or less,
no more important or less important. There is just you
and who you are attracted to.

I believe each teacher has something to contribute to us.

There are some that we are so attracted and resonate with
that it makes our hearts sing to be with them. We feel good,
there is a sense of familiarity when we hear or are with them.

Then there are those teachers that we are attracted to and
we feel horrible when we are around them. We might even
ask ourselves “What am I doing here again?” Even if we
consider it to be a “bad” experience we have gained
something from it.

Everything is here to serve. Everyone is here to serve
When you’ve reached a certain level of awareness –
when you’re able to see through the illusion
that we call reality, it becomes easier to “see” the teachers.

“There are so many wonderful teachers. How do I know
which one is right for me?” That’s a question that I often get
asked, especially since we showcase many of them.
Here is what I always tell each one:

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Release it slowly.
Now ask your Higher Self/Soul to show you the answer.
Let go of your expectation and see what comes to you.

Here are the words that I use:
“Big Antonia show me, guide me and lead me. Is this person/this path/
this decision for my highest good and for the highest good of all?”

Then breath slowly and listen to your heart.