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Power of Consciousness with Dr. Emoto Replay Now Available for Limited Time!

Amazing Source Essence That You Are!

I am sending you Love, Peace and Oneness as you read this post.  Keep being the AMAZING BEing that you ARE!

Let’s continue to unite as ONE and shift our collective consciousness to PEACE!!

The Replay of the Power of Consciousness with Dr. Emoto, Franco DeNicola, Sifu James Foo, Carl Stedmond and Peter Nelson to be available for you this coming weekend starting Friday, September 5th to Monday, September 7th.

All those who purchased tickets to the Toronto Live Event or the Live Stream will be able to view the event.

Those who missed the live event and would still like to access the replay can Click Here to contribute and do so.

As per the request of Dr. Emoto’s organization, you will not be able to download his presentation – you will however be able to view it as many times as you like over the course of the September 5-7 weekend.

The presentations/concert of Carl Stedmond, Peter Nelson, Franco DeNicola and Sifu James Foo you are welcome to download and share with as many as possible – please do credit the source back to Masterpiece Life for all those who would like to stay connected and find out more.   I’m hoping to have these video up on YouTube next week for you to easily be able to share.


Let’s keep moving forward with the Wave of Peace!


I also wanted to let you know about our upcoming events:

1. Riding the Energetic Wave –  2 Part Event

2. Level 1 Intensive Qi Gong with Sifu James Foo

Thank you for being the AMAZING BEING that YOU ARE!!!