Masterpiece Life

You Are a Powerful Creator

You and I are constantly creating our world.

Whether we are aware of it or not we are a
creating machine. Our thoughts and our words
are the tools that we use to create with. This
happens unconsciously for most people.
How then, do you create consciously?

The first step is awareness.  What is awareness?
Awareness is catching the thought that leads to
the feeling. The feeling is the result of the thought.

Here’s an example. Today I was helping my daughter
with her homework. As she answered a question she
would immediately say “This is so easy!”  She would then
quickly move on to the next question. She was
feeling powerful, confident and happy.

Then something interesting happened.
We came to a question and she couldn’t figure it out.
The confident, happy and enthusiastic child transformed
instantly into an insecure, anxious and scared little girl.
No matter how much I loved and supported her she was
suck. She was locked into a mental and emotional
pattern that disempowered her and, from that state; she
could not find the answer. It was incredible how fast this
shift from feeling good to feeling very bad took place.

I then heard a voice in my head say, “See how quickly
you create a different existence?”  Immediately a movie
of my day flashed through my mind. I became aware
of when I had done the exact same thing. What a blessing
it is that others show us what we ourselves are doing.

I looked at my beautiful little teacher and asked her,
“How are you feeling right now?”  “I don’t feel good”, she
replied.  “So what were the words you were thinking
while you were feeling bad”, I asked. “This feels scary for
me”, she replied.  “So now chose new words”, I said.
Within a few short minutes the happy little girl
was back and the homework question was

Latter on at bedtime I asked her what new words
she had chosen, “I can do it!” she said.

She is learning to create her world in a
conscious manner.  I am learning right
along with her.