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Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 5

energy paper rice month 5

Hi Amazing Ones!!!

Here is our latest update on the Rice and Energy Paper Experiment that I have been conducting with Sifu James Foo’s Energy Paper.  It has now been just over five months since I started the experiment.  As you can see by the picture – it speaks for its self!

The rice on the left side has a plain paper surrounding it while the rice on the right hand side has the Energy Paper.  I did not set an intention to this experiment other than to just be open to see what would happen.

Sifu James’ Energy Paper was created to assist those using it to come up to the vibration of 528Hz.  At the frequency of 528Hz DNA repairs itself.  As you can see from the rice with the energy paper surrounding it, the DNA is being repaired or altered to not disintegrate.  We have been receiving extremely wonderful feedback from people all over the world who are using the Energy Paper to assist them with all sorts of health matters.  Most report feeling calmer even though others around them are stressed, sleeping better, relieving pain, improved hearing and much more.

Click Here to access the Energy Paper.  Please be sure to read the instructions and listen to the audio before using the Energy Paper.  Please send us your feedback and results as we would love to share it with the community so that they can see what is possible.  A hug thanks to members of the Masterpiece Life family who have translated the instructions into French and Portuguese. You can access the translations here.  Czechoslovakian translation is soon to follow as well.  If you are available to translate the Energy Paper Instructions into another language then please send me an email as I would love to get this out there to assist as many people as possible!  You can click here to send me an email or simply go to the Contact Us tab.

The Energy Paper is very powerful and was created to assist.  Use it on your body and also use it to purify water.  Please use it and pass it on so that other can continue to gain assistance.

To further enhance the Energy Paper’s assistance,  place the Energy Paper on your chest, gently close your eyes and call out 5 2 8 a few times until you feel your heart chakra area open up.