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Are Affirmations Needed?

Yesterday I touched on “Affirmations, do they work?”
Today, let’s look at “Are they needed?”

First let me say that we say affirmations over
and over every day without even realizing it.
An affirmation is something that you “affirm”.
The definition of affirm is :

1 a : validate, confirm b : to state positively <he affirmed his innocence>
2 : to assert (as a judgment or decree) as valid or confirmed
3 : to express dedication to <affirm life>
– Merriam-Webster Dictionary

From the moment you wake up until you fall
asleep you are constantly affirming something.
Question is, “What are you affirming?”

Most people’s affirmations go something like this:
“Why is life so hard?”, “How come there is never
enough money?”, “Why doesn’t somebody love me?”,
“Why is he/she so difficult to get along with?”,
“I feel sick, I hope it’s not cancer”, “He/She/It
really drives me crazy!”, “What’s wrong
with me?”, “Why can’t I get this?”, etc.

Those are all affirmations. They are probably
running on a tape recorder in your hear,
until you become aware of it.
Having the awareness of what tapes
are running in your mind puts you
at the point of conscious power.

Awareness is the first step. From there
you now have the power to chose and create
differently. Not that there is anything wrong
with those old tapes – it’s just one way to experience

With the vibration of the planet coming up
so quickly right now, I find that more and more
people seem to have these old tapes coming up
for them. I compare it to having some mud at
the bottom of a glass. Once you start adding water
to the glass, the mud has nowhere to go but up and out.
That’s what I find is happening for many people – me too!!

This is why I believe affirmations are needed. Once you
remove the sludge keep it out and replace it with
different tapes that work for you. As long as you are living
in a body on this planet – i.e. you’re a human being –  you
are going to have some kind of head chatter. Why not
replace it with the head chatter that is going to empower
as opposed to limit you? If you do it might sound something
like this:

“Life is so easy!”, “All my needs are easily and effortlessly
provided for”, “I am so loved!”, “All my relationships work
for my highest good”, “Health and vitality is my birthright!”,
“I am whole and complete.”

Let me know what you think below. 🙂