Masterpiece Life

Anger Is Only the Response

We often spend a lot of time trying to get to the root of
anger. Many who start on a spiritual path all of a sudden
think that it’s something that they should no longer have.
Let’s get this straight right away. Anger is a human emotion.
As long as you are living on a body on this planet in this
current reality you will experience anger.

There are so many issues related to anger.
I’d like to touch on only one of them for  now.

Anger is not the root of the situation, it’s the response.
If anger is coming up often for you – specially now
with all the changes going on – it’s a sign that there
is something going on underneath.

Think of it as a stormy sea. One of the elements that
cause this sea to be stormy is resentment.
I’ve noticed that when my anger flares up
the fastest is when there is an unnoticed area
of resentment in my life. It’s pretty insidious.

For example, today something my son did really
hooked me and I was surprised by the strength
of my anger as a response to his actions.
I was very aware that it had nothing to do with
him and everything to do with me.
He was only assisting me by “pushing my buttons”.
His beautiful soul was letting me know that there
was still something that I had chosen to grow through.

Throughout the remainder of the day I asked myself,
“What is this about?”. I realized that the anger was tied
to resentment. Resentment to something that had
happened long ago in my childhood.
As I became aware of this I then had the power to
choose – I could continue to experience the anger and
the resentment or I could release it, detach and let it go.
Awareness is always the first step to awakening.
I went for a walk and chose to let go.

When I next saw my son there was a new level of
peace within me and a deep gratitude for how
he had assisted me.

Where do you find anger and resentment
coming up for you?