Masterpiece Life

Too Tired to Hear the Answer

In observing my little one today I noticed something that
I think we all do. She was so tired that it didn’t matter
what I said, she just couldn’t hear me.

I realized how often I do that myself. I bet  you do too.
Remember those times when you are so tired but
just keep pushing through? I realized then that when
we do that we are actually too tired to listen to
the answers the Universe has for us.

When my little one finally took a deep breath and
accepted the loving arms that were open for her,
things became easier. She was enveloped in loving
arms that wanted nothing but to make things easier
for her and to make her happy.

Isn’t it amazing how the Universe/God is the same
way? Thank you my little one for reminding me once
again to surrender and let the Universe make things
easier again.